Richard Gere eats fancy food, booze secrets revealed and more, delivered straight to your TV or computer.

Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

We get it, your life is busy. Between work, reading the Internet and sleeping occasionally, most of us simply don’t have time for much else. Luckily, we’re here to help you stay up to date on what to watch should you have any downtime this weekend, when you’re not baking up some smoky, homemade pita bread or witnessing James Corden savor a Play-Dohnut, of course. Here are the food-related shows and movies airing or recently new on your favorite platforms to watch this weekend.

Learn about a crazy wine heist in Sour Grapes

You might not think the world of high-end wine auctions would seem particularly ripe for a scandal, but that, friends, is where you'd be wrong. Sour Grapes documents the story of a young wine counterfeiter that befriended the rich and powerful and sold millions of dollars of fraudulent wine through the top auction houses. The deeper you get into this story and the more you drink while doing so, the crazier it gets.

Now available on iTunes.

Snack on One Minute Meals

Never before has the concept of a "New York minute" been so delicious. One Minute Meal is an online series that documents dishes, restaurants and individuals from around New York, demonstrating the expansive diversity that the city's food scene offers. From Bangladeshi food in the Bronx to pastrami in Bed-Stuy, One Minute Meal captures the flavors of New York in snackable, and beautifully shot, bites.

Available one One Minute Meal’s website.

Commit to watching The Truth About Alcohol

Alright, the time has come. Whether you decide to watch The Truth About Alcohol tonight, which might prompt you to have a sober weekend, or if you wait until you're hungover Sunday afternoon is up to you. However, this hour long documentary from the BBC answers some of the biggest booze questions out there. Why do some people get drunk quicker than others? What is behind red wine's healthy reputation? Is a nightcap actually good for your sleep? We all have questions and The Truth About Alcohol, for better or worse, has the answers.

Now available on Netflix.

Enjoy The Dinner

Imagine a world where Steve Coogan and Richard Gere are brothers. And in this world Gere is also running for governor. And Coogan has a son that’s a criminal. And Laura Linney, who plays Coogan’s wife, is really into France and food and being fancy. And Rebecca Hall, who plays Gere’s wife, is also there for whatever reason. Did we mention the food? The Dinner is one-part nighttime Lifetime movie and one-part horror movie-in-hiding. If you like any of these four people and pretty food, give The Dinner a shot.

Now available on iTunes.

Check out a Cup of Culture

Coffee's role in our lives has changed a lot over the years. While it used to just be "the best part of waking up," the coffee you buy now really says a lot about who you are and what you value. Cup of Culture focuses on the latter part of that by looking at where coffee comes from and what you're paying for when you drop $5.00 for a cup of coffee instead of $2.00.

Now available on Hulu.