Cookie Monster cooks, The Science Guy talks wine and lots of Mexican food, all delivered straight to your TV or computer.

By Max Bonem
Updated August 11, 2017
Jesse Grant/HBO

We get it, your life is busy. Between work, reading the Internet and sleeping occasionally, most of us simply don’t have time for much else. Luckily, we’re here to help you stay up to date on what to watch should you have any downtime this weekend, when you’re not enjoying Robert Pattinson's search for hot dogs or awaiting the return of the Girl Scouts' S'mores cookies, of course. Here are some of the food-related shows and movies newly airing or about to leave your favorite platforms.

Enjoy Bill Nye elaborating on wine.

While Bill Nye is mostly known for his educational takes on physics, astronomy and chemistry, he does sometimes veer into territory that is a little more applicable to the common man or woman. For example, his love of wine. On a past episode of Neil deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk series, Bill Nye guest hosted a discussion on how climate change affects wine production. Oddly enough, some scientists believe global warming has actually helped increase wine production in non-typical wine producing regions, like the UK.

Watch StarTalk on YouTube.

Learn all about cooking on Sesame Street

Sesame Street is no stranger to the world of food—C, after all, is for cookie and that's good enough for me. However, one of the show's most recent episodes, entitled "Battle of the Chefs," takes you further into the Sesame Street cooking universe then we've ever been before. Guest stars Anthony Mackie and Jason Schwartzman assist everyone from Elmo to Cookie Monster in their attempts to teach kids about the food they eat and why they should spend time in the kitchen. Also, Bert and Ernie explain the importance of breakfast by eating imaginary oatmeal. Truly, Sesame Street is still the most magical show on TV.

Available to stream on HBO Now.

Educate yourself with Food Matters

The sentiment of 2008's Food Matters can be expressed in this one line of dialogue, "One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive and three quarters of you eat keeps your doctor alive." Is this documentary about how foods can be used to treat chronic illness a bit desolate at times? Yes, but it also provides an interesting solution to the problems we develop from eating poorly: just eat smarter. Simpler said than done, though. Check Food Matters out before leaves it Netflix at the end of August; your conscience might not appreciate it, but your body will.

Available on Netflix until September.

Revisit Once Upon a Time In Mexico and its puerco pibil

Once Upon a Time In Mexico isn't necessarily a food-centric movie, but it is delicious in its own unique way. I mean, how many movies actually include a step-by-step recipe for slow roasted puerco pibil within the actual dialogue of the story? Few I tell ya! Also, let's just do the math real quick. This movie includes Antonio Banderas as a gun-hiding-within-a-guitar-wielding outlaw, Johnny Depp at the peak of his powers and Willem Dafoe wearing an insane mustache. Also, Enrique Iglesias pops up, which reminds us all that 2003 was a very different time indeed.

Now available on Hulu.

Catch up on Billions

If you haven't already binged it, you might not know, but Billions is surprisingly restaurant-centric. Granted, when your main characters are super rich and have massive appetites, both for food and wealth, the restaurant scene becomes a much bigger sandbox for the show to play in. Seriously though, the men of Billions eat at some of the best restaurants in (and outside of) New York City, including Babbo, Momofuku Ko, Mile End Deli and one epic meal at Sushi Nakazawa just to name a few. For an appropriate treat to enjoy with the show, might we suggest a slice of pizza?

Available to stream on Showtime Anytime.