Here are 5 cookies made from a mix that you'll want to pass off as homemade.
Credit: © Krista’s Baking Co.

Gone are the days of Betty Crocker’s reign over boxed mixes; small producers are turning out amazing cookie mixes with organic ingredients, locally made chocolate and super-fresh mix-ins. From perfectly executed classics like chocolate chip to funky mash-ups like Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow, we’re on board for these super-easy boxed cookie mixes that make us look like pros, but without all of the work.

Jacques Torres
Of all varieties of cookies, I’m hardest to please when it comes to chocolate chip. As a person who makes a pretty kick-ass chocolate chip cookie (#humblebrag), I reluctantly admit that Jacques Torres’s cookie mix might just make one that’s better. This mix, which weighs about as much as a newborn and uses large round disks of chocolate in place of the standard chip, yields 15 massive cookies and only requires mixing in butter and eggs. The price might seem a little steep, but do yourself a favor and buy a bag. You’ll never feel the need to make your own cookies again. $18 for a 15-cookie mix,

Krista’s Baking Co.
A one-person operation out of Seattle, Washington, Krista’s Baking Co. has a rotating line-up of amazing, seasonal cookie mixes. The cookies use non-GMO flour, organic cane sugar, chocolate from the Seattle-based company Theo, and they are often finished with Jacobsen’s flaky sea salts. Try her chocolate chip cookie that’s sprinkled with espresso flaky sea salt or, if it’s in season, her perfectly chewy Smoked Molasses cookie. $13.99 for a 14-cookie mix,

Kimber’s Cookies
Kimber’s Cookies are so perfectly crisp and chewy that you won’t believe they came from a box. Not shy on the mix-ins, these chocolate-, oat- and nut-filled cookies come in four flavors. While we’re partial to the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, the spiced oatmeal raisin is one of the best we’ve ever had. Online retail coming soon. To order, call 214-405-3910.

Norman Love
A recent “Chocolate Hall of Fame” inductee, it goes without saying that Norman Love knows his chocolate. While the Fort Meyers–based chocolatier is known for his gorgeous truffles, it’s his new line of cookie mixes that has the F&W staff in a sugar coma. The absolute showstopper is a double chocolate chunk cookie that is simultaneously fudgy and pillowy, and filled with pieces of toasty pecans. $18 for a 12-cookie mix,

Momofoku Milk Bar
Bring Christina Tosi’s famed New York City bakery to you. The pastry chef turned MasterChef TV judge is known for her playful pastries, cakes and cookies. Now you can skip the line and make her over-the-top cookies at home. We love the Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookie, but don’t miss the confetti cookie or her signature compost cookie. $6.99 for a large 12-cookie kit,