What’s better than beer? A beer with more booze in it! Give one of these 5 thirst-quenching beer cocktails a try this year at your Super Bowl party.

By Julia Heffelfinger
Updated June 07, 2017
Tom Terrific

We all know that beer is a non-negotiable for football viewing, especially when it comes to the Super Bowl. If “BL ‘nums” aren’t quite your thing and you’re looking to step up your party’s beverage selection this year, then give one of these five thirst-quenching beer cocktails a try. I mean, what’s better than a beer? A beer with more booze in it!

A shandy—a mixture of equal parts light beer and lemonade—is about the same level of difficulty, preparation-wise, as a gin and tonic. This Mexican-inspired variation adds smoky mezcal tequila and a few dashes of celery bitters, and is best made with a Mexican pilsner like Pacifico.

This refreshing, spritzy cocktail is the perfect drink with which to wash down all of those spicy hot wings. A hoppy IPA and Old Tom, a slightly sweeter 18th-century-style gin with a milder juniper flavor, are the base for this cocktail.

Allspice Dram, a rum-based liqueur, flavors this IPA-spiked cocktail. Lillet Blanc and sweet vermouth balance out the spiced liqueur and make this aperitif-style drink the perfect cocktail to stimulate those nacho cravings pre-kickoff.

This low-alcohol cocktail is one you can sip all night long and still leave on your own two feet. IPA-style beer is mixed with fresh lemon juice, ginger juice, sprite and hot sauce, for a shandy-Michelada mash-up that you’ll want to make every football Sunday.

(Root) Beer Float

Consider a grown-up root beer float (hold the “root”) to cap off your viewing party this year. Put out an ice bucket with bottles of a rich, spiced porter—we love the Mexican Hot Cocoa–inspired Stone Xocoveza Mocha Stout—and a tub of your favorite vanilla ice cream. Guests can help themselves and knock out two birds with one stone: dessert and a night cap!