By PureWow
Updated June 23, 2015
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Maybe you’re dreaming of tropical getaways. Maybe you’re more of a cabin in the woods kind of gal. Either way, we can all agree that it doesn’t get much sexier than a fancy-schmancy suitcase. Here are the ones at the top of our wish list.

The One That Syncs With Your Phone

The Bluesmart ($235) is an app-controlled suitcase that’s also basically a robot. Lock and unlock it remotely and track its location from just about anywhere. You can even measure its weight from your phone. After all, the difference between 50 and 51 pounds can cost you $25 these days.

The One That Rolls Everything Super Small

You already know the roll-your-clothes trick to smarter packing. But theRolo suitcase ($50) takes this a step further. Just stash your stuff in the organized interior mesh pockets and roll the whole thing up like a yoga mat.

The One That Charges Your iPad

Charging port at the airport busted? Thanks to the Andiamo IQ ($600, coming fall 2015), you’re set. In addition to a digital scale and anti-theft system that alerts you if the bag moves too far away from you, there’s an internal USB charger for anytime juicing.

The One That Follows You Around

OK, this guy is just a prototype, but here's the deal: The Hop is a smart suitcase that pairs with its owner's cell phone and then follows him or her around at an agreed-upon distance. Annoying? Maybe. But we guess it does free up your hands.