Credit: © Murphy/Express/Getty Images

Whether it's with friends, coworkers or a promising date, picking a crowd-pleasing tune out of a jukebox’s massive catalog isn't always an easy feat, so we reached out to Nicole Ponseca, entrepreneur and founder of NYC Filipino Fusion restaurants Maharlika and Jeepney, for some musical tips. During the weekends, you can find Ponseca DJing at both her popular gastropubs, which are regularly filled with hip, fashionable patrons neck-rolling and moving to the beat in between cocktails, so she knows a thing or two about throwing a fun-filled evening. Below, four croon-worthy singles for every occasion, courtesy of Ponseca, so you can be the night's jukebox hero.

1. To start off the night: David Bowie's "Fashion"

There's nothing like a fabulous guitar twist to kick-start your first round of cocktails, according to Ponseca. This funk-reggae hybrid from the late, great songwriter is sure to rev up both young and old partygoers.

2. The perfect “turn up" anthem: The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy"

"Once the night is well on its way and the music is flowing," Ponseca said, "I put this on the blast, and the crowd always goes wild." It's hard not to bop along to Biggy's soulful rags-to-riches masterpiece, a great tune to carry you through the evening.

3. To play on your first date: Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way"

There's nothing like a shot of nostalgia to break the ice, according to Ponseca. "This track gives you permission to have fun," she said. "Let out your inner karaoke singer and sing along. It gives you another way to connect and can take your Tinder date to the next level."

4. To cap off your night: Juan Dela Cruz Band's "Himig Natin"

Try this moody, dreamy ballad from the godfather of modern Pinoy rock. The track’s title, which translates to "Our Hymn," is the perfect note to end a wonderful evening spent with good people.