Welcome to the post-Cracker Jacks era.

Baseball Stadium Food
Credit: © Matthew PearceIcon Sportswire

This week marks the opening of the 2017 Major League Baseball season. As is tradition, fans across the country are still hoping that this could be the year for their favorite team. Although many baseball fans will lose faith by the All-Star break, one thing fans can be excited for all season is the crazy new food available at their local stadiums. Grab some shades and don't forget your glove, here are some of this year's most outlandish ideas created for big league teams this season.

Coney Island Pizza with Hot Dog & Mustard - Detroit Tigers

This fusion has us crying foul (ball)! Just kidding, by bringing pizza and hot dogs together, the Tigers might have a contender on their hands after all.

The Brunch Bloody Mary - Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays new signature cocktail is served in a mason jar with sausage, bacon, egg, chicken & waffles and donuts. This concoction might just out-perform the team this season.

Shaved Choco Kebab - Chicago White Sox

In case you need a break from Chicago-style deep dish pizza and hot Italian beef sandwiches, Guaranteed Rate Field has you covered with this sweet treat.

Tomahawk Chop Sandwich - Atlanta Braves

This titan of a sandwich includes a fried pork chop, collard green slaw and white BBQ sauce. Each order serves four, or one disgruntled Braves fan that needs to eat away the sadness of this new season.

Cookie Dough in a Cup and Cone - New York Mets

For those who love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, but could do with less of the, well, ice cream, the Mets have you covered with scoops of cookie dough from New York City's .

Two Foot Tamale Filled Hot Hog - Texas Rangers

The Rangers are really taking the idea of everything being bigger in Texas to the limit with this Mexican-American beast of a dog.

Mac & Cheese Twister - Baltimore Orioles

Since the one thing missing from mac and cheese is a handheld delivery device that you can then eat, Camden Yards brings you this carb-a-palooza, served inside a twisted bread cone and topped with pulled pork.