Credit: © Yayo Ahumada

What do you get when you cross an entrepreneur with media maven, food stylist, cookbook author, YouTube star and commercial director? You get Claire Thomas. What started out as an interest in food history led to her wildly successful food blog and cookbook series, The Kitchy Kitchen. We chatted with Thomas to figure out what keeps her fueled all day and looking so stunning.

What’s a typical food day?
My days change depending on my production schedule. If I am working on recipes for the site, I spend a solid week dedicated to recipe testing and YouTube shoots. I try to go to the Soho House to get work done when I don’t need to be in the kitchen.

Recently, a typical breakfast for me will be (1) soft-boiled eggs with buttered toast seared in the pan. That method makes the most exceptional toast ever. Lots of salt and pepper.

For lunch, I have recently been really into carnitas, habanero salsa and tacos. Something full of flavor.

Dinner changes, but for dessert it is always (2) chocolate. Chocolate is the only way to go for dessert, especially chocolate cake.

If I’m going out around [my hometown] L.A., I head to (3) Farm Shop for awesome pastries and their ham-and-cheese croissant. Or (4) Caffe Luxxe for coffee. (5) Night+Market is perfect for lunch. I could eat everything there, especially the crispy rice salad. The texture is insane.

And anything that (6) Jason Neroni is involved in. He just opened Catch & Release in Marina Del Rey.

You just got married. What kind of food did you have at your wedding?
It was everything we wanted to eat. The cocktail hour included a variety of toasts: avocado, burrata and BLT. There was a lot of fresh fruit with chile, lime and salt. For dinner we had a kale salad, roasted potatoes and carrots, a giant burrata salad, roasted tomato pasta, pasta cabonara with porchetta. My aunt Tina and my friend Lauren did all of the amazing desserts.

What is always in your fridge?
(7) Sriracha, eggs, (8) almond milk, lots of butter, olive oil, lots of maple syrup and really good chocolate.

I also eat a lot of eggs. My most recent recipe is scrambling eggs with sweet soy sauce, chile paste and coconut oil. It’s perfect.

What is your drink of choice?
I am a little boring with my drinks—just give me a (9) whiskey with an ice cube. If I do get a cocktail, I go for something really dry.

Any beauty splurges?
(10) Lash extensions. I love them. They last a long time, and they make you look fabulous. You don’t even really have to wear makeup when you have them on.

I also splurge on blowouts at (11) Dry Bar. I have such thick hair, and it is so hard to blow dry. And Dry Bar just makes it easier.

I recently discovered what working with your eyebrows can do. I am a redhead, so I get them tinted. Anastasia does this (12) brow pomade that you just paint on, and it works so well—like I actually have eyebrows.

Beauty go-tos?
My go-tos are Nars lipstick in (13) Dolce Vita, (14) cat-eye makeup, (15) Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facials (it is super-easy, and you can’t really beat that) and (16) Stila eye shadow in Kitten. I have been wearing the same color since I was 13. It is the perfect shimmery nude.