By FWx Editors
Updated January 08, 2020
How many of you read these in one sitting? Come on, don't be embarrassed.
© PjrStudio / Alamy

J.K. Rowling released a new Harry Potter story today, and already we need to dispel some misconceptions: Despite what you may have heard via Facebook telephone, it is not a new book (rather, it’s a 1,500 word column written in the voice of Daily Prophet reporter Rita Skeeter). It is not being made into a movie—at least not one with Daniel Radcliffe. And Rowling has “no plans” to write another book about the adult Harry Potter, despite the deeper meaning some people are giving Rita Skeeter’s words.

But it did throw a serious bone to us breathless Potter fans, with updates on Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of Dumbledore’s Army, live from the Quidditch World Cup (Bulgaria is playing Brazil on Friday, if you are interested). Harry, now in his 30s, has two sons and Hermione is quickly rising through the ranks at the Ministry of Magic.

We won’t pretend we weren’t thrilled to read it, and you can see the whole thing here. But with the first real update from the wizarding world in seven years, it’s no surprise that Twitter exploded, as you can see.