10 salty, crunchy, and ready-to-go snacks that we’re bringing along for our next summer road trip.

Olympic Provisions
Credit: © Jannie Huang

Jump in the car, roll down the windows, and turn up the Tom Petty—it's road trip season. Don't forget to bring some quality snacks. Here, we recommend 10 salty, crunchy and ready-to-go snacks to bring along for your next summer road trip.

Smoked Mini-Sausages
Olympic Provisions’ pepperettes are chewy, smoky and come in a stylish pocket-sized carton. Go for the French-inspired Petite Pierre with flecks of juniper or get the sample pack and try all 3 varieties. $5/2oz., olympiaprovisions.com

Quinoa Cheddar Puffs
These super-crunchy sharp cheddar puffs are the gluten-free, grown-up (but equally awesome) version of the snack from your childhood. $3.49/3oz., shop.iheartkeenwah.com

Spicy Corn Nuts
Dusted with habanero chile powder, these crunchy (but not teeth-breaking) corn nuts do not shy away from bringing the heat. They come in a generous portion-size package, but don’t worry, you still don’t have to share with your friends. $10/Five 1.2oz. packages, available in most grocery stores and at nourishsnacks.com

Trout Jerky
An alt-jerky we can actually get behind. Sunburst farms starts with the freshest, farm-raised rainbow trout and then grinds the meat with organic miso, garlic powder, black pepper and lime juice before smoking. The result is a clean-tasting, smoky jerky that’s totally snackable. $6.99/2oz., sunbursttrout.com

Sweet Potato Sticks
These airy, salty-sweet “fry” chips will satisfy both the chronic dieters and the chronic snackers. Made with whole grains and real sweet potatoes, these chips are addictive and guilt-free. Starting at $4/7oz., available in most grocery stores and at hiimskinny.com

Plantain Chips
For years, customers begged restaurant-owner Donna Moodie to sell the plantain chips she serves at her restaurant Marjorie. Finally, she conceded. These long, curling chips are slighty sweet and delicately spiced. Eat them right out of the box or pair with guacamole. Price varies, available at Marjorie in Seattle and select specialty food stores, marjorierestaurant.com

Black Truffle Potato Chips
Fried in olive oil and seasoned with sea salt and truffle oil, these potato chips are thick, crunchy and not overly truffled. From $6/5oz., Natural-nectar.com

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Pretzels
A bag of these pretzels barely lasts 5 minutes in the Food & Wine office. Crunchy pretzels are coated in dark chocolate and creamy caramel to make the ultimate salty-sweet bite. $12/24oz., edwardmarc.com

Texas Kick Jerky
Made from farm-raised Texas cattle, this small-batch jerky is thick, chewy and lightly smoked with a spicy kick at the end. $25.95/Four 2oz. bags, 44steaks.com

Dark Chocolate Coated Jalapeño Corn Nuts
Fruition chocolate’s answer to our snack prayers—these corn nuts are light and crunchy with a subtle jalapeño bite. $11.95/4oz., tastefruition.com