By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 30, 2014
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Kitchen gadgets had a big year. It seemed like every foodie activity—from homebrewing to sautéing chicken—got a technological upgrade in the last 12 months. Here are some our favorite advancements of 2014.

To keep up with all the home cooks who want to try sous vide (cooking vacuum-sealed ingredients in water at a fixed, low temperature), the cookers have gotten smaller, cheaper and more technologically advanced. Nomiku led the way with a 2.0 version you can operate over Wi-Fi. That means you can ensure your filet is cooked perfectly even if you’re stuck in the office.

The first pan meant to be left unattended, Pantelligent will let you know when your meat is ready to flip and when your sauce needs a stir. You will still need to come back and do the actual flipping and stirring yourself, so we're still holding out for robot chef 2015.

3. Ukeg

A company called GrowlerWerks invented this pressurized growler that will keep beer nice and fresh for up to four weeks. The invention is aimed at craft beer lovers tired of buying growlers of their favorite beer only to have it go flat super quickly.

What’s the only thing better than a growler full of fresh beer? Making that beer yourself. The Zymatic makes homebrewing much easier by completely automating the process. Just fill up the appropriate compartments on the machine with your ingredients, push a button and the Zymatic takes care of the rest.

The most successful Kickstarter campaign in history raised more than $13 million for this cooler with an attached a blender and other cool capabilities. The perfect product for picnic-ready margaritas.

Not all gadgets need to be high-tech. Sometimes they just need to solve nagging problems—problems like drinking in the bathtub and shower without spilling. Mike Aylesworth began 3-D printing his wineglass holders this spring and hasn’t looked back. Apparently there is more interest in drinking while bathing than anyone knew.

If the one thing your coffee maker lacks is the ability to be run over by a car, then the CoffeeBoxx is for you. It's the most rugged coffee maker on the market, perfect for hunters and campers sick of gross campfire coffee.

8. Foodini

3-D food printing is starting to have a moment. Demonstrations like one at South by Southwest are on a mission to get people to be more comfortable with machines that extrude their food. The Foodini is the first home 3-D food printer. And after some successful trials this year will bring 3-D printed pasta and pizza into people’s homes by the end of 2015.

9. oPhone

Smell-O-Vision was a terrible flop when it first debuted, but the oPhone from Harvard University professor David Edwards will enhance your everyday olfactory experience. The device adds a personalized scent to your text or picture messages.

The world’s most expensive tea-brewing machine might set professionals back almost $13,000, but it will make a damn good cup of tea. Bkon uses a reverse atmospheric infusion process to extract flavors at very precise, low temperatures by changing the pressure inside the brewer. And it doesn’t work for just tea—the process will also make excellent infused liquors in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional methods.