Food & Wine's Deputy Food Editor Kate Heddings picks her favorite healthy recipes from 2014.

By Kate Heddings
Updated May 23, 2017

We’ve made some darn good healthy recipes in 2014. Here are my top picks of the year:

1. Nutty Baby Kale Chips
I am still high on the kale bandwagon. Instead of buying those crazy-expensive chips at the store, try making your own by rubbing the leaves with a little almond butter and roasting until they’re super crispy and totally addictive.

2. Giardinera-Style Roasted Vegetables
This is one of those dishes that’s just so smart it makes you pause and wonder why somebody didn’t think of it sooner. Food & Wine’s Kay Chun roasts pickled vegetables and then combines them with classic giardinera ingredients like peppers and olives, creating an amazing plate of vegetable goodness.

3. Golden Gazpacho with Avocado
Simple, fast and fresh are good buzzwords when it comes to gazpacho. In this recipe, Food & Wine's Justin Chapple simply blends sweet yellow or orange cherry tomatoes with jalapeño, garlic, olive oil and a little water.

4. Lemony Barley Salad with Kale Pesto
There are plenty of versions of this salad out in the world, but this one, with it’s assertive green flavor and nuttiness from pine nuts, is one of my favorites.

5. Garden Salad Tacos
Here is a perfect example of the simple genius of Alice Waters. She makes a crunchy, fresh cumin-dressed salad with greens, carrot, radishes and cilantro and piles it into a warm melty Jack cheese quesadilla—it’s quick, easy, healthy and down right tasty.

6. Grilled Eggplant Tortas
I am truly wild about this vegetarian sandwich, which is piled high with grilled eggplant, sliced avocado, pickled jalapeños and crisp cabbage.

7. Butcher Shop Chicken
A good roast chicken goes a long way in my house, but it never crossed my mind that a simple warm tomato salad with garlic and basil alongside could elevate this into something so special.

8. Deviled Salmon
Succulent meaty salmon is totally perfect when it’s deviled with four heat sources: ancho chile, Sriracha, sambal oelek and pickled cherry peppers.

9. Beef-and-Farro Soup
This is definitely one of the best stews I’ve ever eaten. By adding white miso and smoked paprika, chef Hugh Acheson gives this comforting dish an edgy, deep flavor it wouldn’t otherwise have. Even though farro and kale can be dismissed as too trendy, I love both and their presence in this stew makes it a great all-in-one meal.

10. Cumin Lamb Noodles with Eggplant
Blogger Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt creates a rich, creamy lamb ragù with classic Greek flavors; it's a total crowd-pleaser and a nice alternative to more common Italian pasta dishes.