Bantha milk, anyone?
Star Wars Food Moments
Credit: AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

There is no epic greater than Star Wars, the most impactful franchise of all time (sorry, Vin Diesel). While Star Wars certainly fills our hearts with joy, can we say that it also fills our stomachs with hunger? Both food and drink pop up in the Star Wars universe more often than you might think. In honor of Star Wars Day (aka May the 4th be with you), here are the 10 best food moments from Star Wars.

The blue milk from Episode IV: A New Hope

The Star Wars food item that truly started it all was Luke's blue milk. Why is it blue? Because it’s bantha milk, of course. In the original film, the blue milk is simply a part of Luke and Uncle Lars’ balanced breakfasts, but the beverage has since popped up in both the prequels and Rogue One as well. Blue milk has become such an symbol for Star Wars fans that even Rogue One director Gareth Edwards took the time to enjoy a glass of it when he visited the original sets from A New Hope for his 30th birthday, 11 years ago.

The Mos Eisley cantina from Episode IV: A New Hope

An old wizard, a farm boy and two droids walk into a bar. That’s essentially how the famous Mos Eisley cantina scene begins, but it’s what follows that everyone really remembers. First, Luke’s altercation at the bar, which results in Ponda Baba's arm getting cut off. Then there’s the infamous Greedo and Han interaction (never forget, Han DEFINITELY shot first). Also, let us not skip over the bartender’s inherent prejudice against droids. Even in a world where this guy can rule an underwater kingdom, droids can't even get a seat at the bar.

When Luke meets Yoda in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Yoda is definitely the greatest gourmand in the galaxy. In the first few moments of Luke meeting Yoda, the small green Jedi is already rummaging through Luke’s snack collection, looking for treats. Then again, he’s been marooned on Dagobah for 20 years at this point and probably misses some of the processed foods that he learned to love on Coruscant. Then, once Luke and Yoda retire to Yoda's tree layer, the old Jedi prepares a meal that includes wild mushrooms and a live snake. Apparently, the Paleo diet is an essential part of Jedi training.

Darth Vader waiting in the dining room in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

There are a lot of silly details in Star Wars (I’m looking at you, ewoks), but Darth Vader’s arrival in Cloud City is one of the most ridiculous. Lando Calrissian leads Han, Leia, Chewbacca and what's left of C-3P0 into a dining room where Vader and Boba Fett are patiently waiting for them. The best part? The dining room table is set with drinks and possibly even food laid out for them. Keep in mind that only three of the seven characters in the scene consume human food or aren’t wearing helmets, so who exactly thought this was a good idea?

That time Jabba ate a frog in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Jabba the Hutt doesn't appear to be in peak physical condition. Then again, he’s a Hutt and for all we know he is the most desirable member of his species. Regardless, during one of the scenes in his palace, Jabba grabs a live frog out of his throne-side pickle jar and eats it as a snack. Mmm, lightly brined desert frog.

R2-D2 serves drinks on Jabba's slave barge in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

While C-3P0 was selected as Jabba’s translator after surrendering himself to the vile gangster, R2-D2 was relegated to the role of waiter onboard Jabba’s barge. Of course, just moments after the droid is seen delivering beverages, R2 helps save the day by launching Luke’s light saber to him, which in turn sets off a chain of events in which everyone left onboard the barge dies rather dramatically. Well, except for Boba Fett… maybe.

Padme & Anakin eat pears in Episode II: Attack of the Clones

These two share a few meals during the prequel trilogy, but this one certainly takes the cake (sorry). Anakin uses his force powers to slice a pear for his beloved Padme, which for some reason she then decides to eat with a fork and knife. Forget Jar-Jar, this is by far the least sensible detail from the prequels.

Obi Wan is offered death sticks in Episode II: Attack of The Clones

In Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan wanders into a bar with Anakin during a hunt for a bounty hunter. While Anakin searches the room, Obi-Wan heads to the bar for a shot of blue Curaçao and gets offered death sticks, a mild hallucinogen found in the Star Wars universe. Obi-Wan pulls his signature force trickery and convinces the dealer to go home and rethink his life after turning down the offer. However, what if Obi-Wan did buy some death sticks? It certainly might’ve made Revenge of the Sith more interesting.

Rey’s Polystarch bread in Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Life as a scavenger on Jakku is hard. You search through crashed Star Destroyers for spare parts that you hope to trade for daily bread rations. Occasionally, you find a droid that can get you more science bread than you could ever want. Instead though, you have a conscience and choose an interplanetary odyssey over more bread. Silly Rey. Fun fact though, the insta-bread from The Force Awakens actually exists. It’s true, all of it.

Rey's strange snack from Maz's Castle in Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Seriously, Rey is always eating. Well, that is when she’s not learning that she has mega-force powers or deciding to take the Millennium Falcon for a spin. As soon as Rey, Finn, Han Solo and Chewbacca arrive at Maz Kanata’s castle, Rey immediately goes for a snack. In this case, it appears like some form of alien fruit, but it’s really just an apple with romanesco stuck on top. Interestingly though, Rey is the only one eating in the scene and soon after, she experiences a hallucinogenic dream in Maz’s basement. Coincidence? I'm just surprised she didn't mumble, "I have a bad feeling about this," while chewing.