Shoppers Are ‘in Love’ with This Once-$400 Robot Vacuum, and It's Just Over $100 Right Now

Robot vacuums don’t have to be pricey.

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Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 2200Pa

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Vacuuming is actually the one chore I enjoy, mostly because there’s a gadget involved. The day someone invents a cool toilet cleaning gadget, I’ll be the first one to take care of that chore. But for now, vacuuming is my favorite to-do of all the to-dos there are. 

Despite it being my favorite, I don’t do it nearly enough. Crumbs from my kitchen experiments end up all over the floor before it’s time to bust out the vacuum again. I thought getting a pandemic puppy would solve this problem, but her cleaning abilities are sadly mediocre at best. On top of that, she might be more of a problem than I am — she sheds like nothing I’ve seen before.

Enter the robot vacuum, which does it all for me. If you love having clean floors but aren’t going to vacuum constantly, have a robot do it. Right now, a great option is almost $300 off at Amazon, and worth grabbing as soon as possible. 

 Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 2200Pa


To buy: Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $110 with coupon (originally $400) at

The Lefant looks similar to my robot vacuum and every robot vacuum: It’s a disc about the size of a frying pan that can move around and target dust, debris, crumbs, and more. According to the brand, this one has built-in infrared sensors so it can detect obstacles and avoid crashes (that’s better than my dog already) and can sense when it’s on carpet or hardwood and adjust its speeds accordingly. 

One of the coolest things about this machine is that when it’s low on battery, it will automatically return to its charging station, even if it’s mid-clean. It won’t need to charge itself very often, though. According to the brand, this robot has a two-hour battery life. And if you’re worried about noise, the brand says the machine is barely noisier than a refrigerator. 

This robot vacuum has already raked up over 1,200 perfect ratings on Amazon thanks to its value, suction power, and ability to clean like it means it. One reviewer who says they never write reviews had to gas this little gadget up. They write, “This little guy is great at navigating obstacles, he easily traverses over rugs and door thresholds. His mapping and ability to get into tight spaces is great, he covers every spot he can fit.” The reviewer continues on to say that he’s never had such clean floors, and even adds, “I’m in love with this little robot.”

Another shopper who bought this robot vacuum to replace their old one is loving it so far. They write, “It is a little smaller than my previous unit, so it does not get stuck in many places. I love the fact that it is very quiet and has a long running time before needing to recharge.”

If you thought a quality robot vacuum was going to run you $500, that’s simply not the case. Hurry now, and you can pick up a great one for just over $100 at Amazon

At the time of publishing, the price was at $110.

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