Le Creuset’s Classic Round Dutch Oven Is $130 Off for a Limited Time

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Was it just us, or did it feel like someone pressed fast-forward between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day like we're known to do with opening credits? With the whirlwind of the holidays and tying up end-of-year loose ends, you may still need to treat yourself to a gift—something you've always wanted for your kitchen. Forget the resolutions, January is about setting good intentions, and many of those can start with how you feed yourself. 

January is the perfect time to make cozy soups, stews, braises, and roasts for your household. If you love Le Creuset as much as we do, you know something from its vast collection of Dutch ovens is the perfect vehicle for all the aforementioned slow-cooked dishes you can make. Le Creuset is widely considered one of the best cookware brands in the world, a title it has maintained since it was founded in 1925 in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France. The 3.25-Quart Le Creuset Classic Dutch Oven is one of the best Dutch ovens on the market and best for a household of three-to-four people. It's also marked down to $210 from $340, a $130 savings for one of the best and most versatile Le Creuset Dutch ovens.

Le Creuset Classic Round Wide Oven

Le Creuset

To buy: Le Creuset Classic Round Wide Oven, $210 at lecreuset.com

The Classic Round Wide Oven is made from Le Creuset's signature enameled cast iron. The broad base of the Classic Dutch Oven makes it easy to sear meats without overcrowding the pan and affecting browning. Le Creuset offers many seasonal colors, but Cerise red is a classic for your collection, even if it doesn't match what you already have. Le Creuset is known for its heat retention and even heat distribution thanks to its tight-fitting lids. It is easy to maneuver with its two handles and ranks as one of the lightest pots on the market per quart of cast iron. 

The enameled cast iron interior is durable and resistant to chipping, staining, and cracking. You don't need to season the interior before use, and it is easy to clean. It can even go in the dishwasher if you want to sanitize it, but warm soapy water and a nonabrasive sponge will also suffice. The Dutch oven is safe on any cooktop and oven-safe up to 500°F, although its classic black knob is only safe up to 390°F. 

Le Creuset Classic Round Wide Oven

Le Creuset

To buy: Le Creuset Classic Wide Round Oven, $210 at lecreuset.com

The Classic Wide Round Oven is one of Le Creuset's bestsellers and also a best seller on other sites like Amazon and Williams Sonoma. Buyers love how the sides of the wide round Dutch oven enable easier browning due to air circulation versus the Classic Round Oven. They also praise the size of the 3.25-Quart as more manageable than the larger vessels for anyone with mobility issues or an average-sized household. Since this is cast iron, it does get heavier the larger you go. More manageable pieces, such as the Wide Round, are advisable if you want to use it rather than admire it on a shelf. 

If you don't need anything new, this is also an excellent gift for someone starting a new collection or chapter. Le Creusets are heirlooms meant to be passed down in families, so it is the kind of gift that is useful and meaningful. But this markdown on classic Le Creuset Dutch Ovens doesn’t happen every day—and the sale is in its final days. They also offer free shipping, so now is the time to grab one, or you might miss out on this significant markdown.  

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