Here Are the Cooking Tips You Need to Start Off the New Year Right

Become a better, more organized cook with these tips from Food & Wine editors

Be a Better Cook with These Tips From Food & Wine Editors

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If you are like me, the only vestiges of the holidays left in your kitchen are a few stray pieces of fudge loitering in that last cookie tin. Your oven is taking a break from roasting so many turkeys and baking all those cookies. Your stove is a war zone of sauce splatters and looks a bit like how you feel: a little worn out from cooking so much food, thinking about food, and eating all that food.

I’m not quite up for a Big New Year’s Resolution (I ate Brie on potato chips the other afternoon; clearly I’m just easing my way into the new year), but even so, I can’t help but feel ready for a bit of a fresh start. I'm up for a small nudge, one that feels helpful but not intimidating.

The food team at Food & Wine wants to help all of us ease into the new year by sharing some of our favorite advice from the kitchen. We aren’t going to tell you to change everything you do, buy a ton of fancy equipment, or launch a new diet. Instead, each day for the next month, we’ll offer up a new cooking tip, kitchen hack, or suggestion for how to make your cooking life and meals easier, more flavorful, and more delicious. Editor in chief Hunter Lewis kicks things off by sharing the tips he picked up as a restaurant cook on how to organize your kitchen.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll share our favorite way to make scrambled eggs feel special, even on a busy weekday morning. We’ll talk about how to toast nuts so they are evenly browned (and not half-burnt, half raw). We’ll share tricks to make salads so interesting they are the star of the meal, the chef tips we’ve picked up to turn a piece of celery or a raisin into the most sought-after morsel on the plate, and how we turn leftover nubs of cheese and charcuterie into craveable snacks and meals. These are the small, doable tricks that turn good meals into memorable bites. Best of all, they are small things that leave all of us feeling like we just made our everyday a little bit better.   

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