Le Creuset’s New Twist on a Classic Color Goes with Practically Everything—and Pieces Are Already Selling Out

It’s an instant heirloom and it might instantly sell out.

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Le Creuset Matte Blue Tout

Le Creuset

Matte colors are perfect for cookware. While shiny surfaces stand out on the cooktop, a matte finish has an understated elegance (and doesn’t show fingerprints or stains as easily). 

And that’s exactly how I’d describe Le Creuset’s new color, Matte Navy. As we enter the depths of winter, the brand’s latest color is perhaps a little less eye-catching than some of its recent launches, like ganache, but is definitely ready for the long haul.

Le Creuset took its classic navy color and applied a matte finish overtop to add a modern touch to a timeless shade. Several pieces in the collection, including the Dutch oven, are accented with a cool silver knob, which feels perfect for any setting. 

You can grab 16 of the brand’s most popular pieces in the new color, including a Dutch oven or an enameled skillet. These items launched on Le Creuset’s website, in Le Creuset stores, and at Williams Sonoma. The brand also launched five Williams Sonoma-exclusive pieces, including a shallow frying pan, a rectangular skinny grill, a French oven, a deep saute pan, and a soup pot. 

For a beautiful matte blue that will sit on your stove for years to come, keep scrolling through to see some of our favorite picks from the launch.

Round 5.5-Quart Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Dutch Oven Matte Navy

Le Creuset

To buy: $420 at lecreuset.com

This 5.5-quart Dutch oven is a picture-perfect piece from the brand, and ready for a range of winter recipes. From soups to stews to hearty beans, its heavy bottom and tight fitting lid will allow you to create hearty meals for years to come. And the color is just as timeless as the piece is itself. 

Classic 9-Inch Skillet

Le Creuset skillet matte navy

Le Creuset

To buy: $175 at lecreuset.com

Whether you grab this skillet on its own or create a set with the Dutch oven, well that’s up to you, but this enameled cast iron skillet is ready for anything. From frying bacon to sauteing vegetables, this pan might just replace every other one you own. Best of all, because cast iron develops a natural patina the more you cook with it, it’ll only get better as you use it more and more. 

Signature 5-Quart Braiser

Le Creuset signature braiser matte navy

Le Creuset

To buy: $415 at lecreuset.com

If you already have a Dutch oven, odds are you don’t have a braiser. Le Creuset’s is excellent — it’s designed to create tender, fall-off-the-bone short ribs, and can do the same with vegetables, too. Despite looking smaller, it boasts a wider footprint, allowing for more surface area so you never, ever have to worry about overcrowding the pan.

Oval Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven Matte Navy

Le Creuset

To buy: $445 at lecreuset.com

An oval Dutch oven is great for so many things, but if you love cooking whole chickens, then this is certainly worth grabbing. This holds 6.75 quarts, enough for six to seven servings, and easily a whole chicken. Its tight-fitting lid traps steam and returns moisture to your food, and its heavy bottom ensures even cooking all the way through. But whether you’re braising, baking, or letting it simmer all day long on your stovetop, it’s hard not to marvel at how beautiful it is. 

Heritage Rectangular Dish 

Le Creuset heritage rectangular dish matte navy

Le Creuset

To buy: $60 at lecreuset.com

From marinating meats to baking comforting casseroles, this casserole dish from Le Creuset is an instant heirloom. It’s a dish you’ll want to bring to your next potluck or dinner party. And while the host can keep the leftovers, they better believe you’re taking the dish back home immediately.

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