Warm Up Even the Most Bitter Winter’s Day with These on-Sale Le Creuset Tea Kettles

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Le Creuset Classic Demi Teakettle tout

Williams Sonoma

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a whistling kettle on the days where a fresh blanket of snow envelops the ground. The mornings and evenings are blissfully slow, oftentimes including the most belly warming drinks and meals you can think of. Tall mugs of hot tea, cocoa, and coffee grace your morning spread, and big bowls of noodles and soups find their way onto your kitchen table. Though a kettle is a year round essential, it’s undoubtedly a necessity for the coldest days of winter. 

And, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand that has the same cherished reputation as Le Creuset. Their kettles are no exception, and while they often cost a pretty penny, the good news is that you can score these cold-weather kitchen workhorses on sale right now for up to 46% off. 

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From whistling ocean-stained models, to simpler olive, fiery orange, and even stainless steel options — there’s a kettle for you and your stovetop. Shop five of the best deals from Williams Sonoma and Le Creuset below. 

Best Le Creuset Tea Kettle Deals 

The Demi tea kettle is a classic for a reason — it’s got a classic stout shape, and it’s made from carbon steel with a durable porcelain enamel glaze. That means it’ll heat up your water quickly and evenly, and help hold the heat. This kettle holds about 1.25 quarts of water, and it comes to a perfectly tuned whistle to let you know your water is boiling. 

It’s available in tons of lustful colors, like rich olive, a deep blue-ombre, and a fiery orange. Some of the designs come with a sleek black matte knob at the top, or a shimmering gold. Either way, you’ll get a sturdy lid and top handle that locks as you pour, plus the fixed whistle and the spout can easily open up. This kettle will work on any stovetop. 

Le Creuset Classic Demi Teakettle

Williams Sonoma

To buy: Le Creuset Demi Tea Kettle, $67 (originally $84) at williams-sonoma.com

For a perfectly fitting set, you can grab this kettle with two Le Creuset mugs while it’s on sale. They come in the same color as your kettle for a monochromatic look to fit your style. And because of their stoneware construction, they hold heat well,  are safe to put in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, oven, and broiler, and you can stir away with any metal utensil without scratching them. 

Demi Kettle and Mugs Set

To buy: Le Creuset Demi Kettle and Mugs 3-Piece Set, $100 (originally $132) at lecreuset.com

If you’re looking for a kettle with a slightly larger capacity, score the whistling kettle while it’s under  $100. It holds roughly 1.75 quarts of water, and it has all of the benefits of the Demi kettle. The enamel coating is chip resistant, and the inside is also stain-resistant and non-reactive. Food & Wine testers chose this model as their favorite stovetop kettle. 

Its wide bottom covers the whole stovetop surface, meaning it’ll heat up faster and more evenly. “Le Creuset is a gorgeous brand and always looks nice on a stove,” one tester added, with all of our testers agreeing that even though its size can make it awkward to store, it’s beautiful enough to leave resting on the stove, and is lightweight enough to maneuver easily.  

Le Creuset Classic Whistling Tea Kettle

Williams Sonoma

To buy: Le Creuset Whistling Tea Kettle, $92 (originally $115) at williams-sonoma.com

If you’re searching for a great deal coupled with a different design, snap up the Oolong model while it’s 46% off right now. It was directly inspired by Chinese Oolong tea but is made from the same materials and features as their other enameled kettles. It’s designed with an overarching handle, and  a wider, shorter body. It holds a similar capacity to the whistling kettle, at roughly 1.75 quarts.

This kettle, along with the whistling option, comes in an array of classic Le Creuset colors. And if colors aren’t your thing, you can also grab an on-sale stainless steel option for a glossy addition to your stovetop. 

Oolong Kettle

Le Creuset

To buy: Le Creuset Oolong Tea Kettle, $54 (originally $100) at lecreuset.com

To warm up the most bitter winter’s day, grab yourself a Le Creuset kettle while they’re up to 46% off. With different colors, shapes, and designs to choose from, you’ll surely find one worthy of a spot on your stovetop.

Le Creuset Classic Stainless-Steel Teakettle

Williams Sonoma

To buy: Le Creuset Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, $112 (originally $140) at williams-sonoma.com

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