Grab These Easy-to-Store, Collapsible Funnels for Just Under $2 Apiece

They have over 14,000 perfect ratings, too.

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Nearly every time I cook, I use a splash of olive oil from my glass dispenser. I have to refill it frequently from the 68-ounce bottle in my pantry, a task I have come to dread. Olive oil drips down the side of the glass bottle, and it takes a wad of paper towels to clean up the mess. 

Even if I wanted to use my plastic funnel to make the job easier, I can never find it. Its awkward shape is hard to store and it always ends up getting buried in a cabinet. I am in desperate need of a quick fix for this persistent problem. 

Homecooks who use glass bottles to access all types of oils and vinegars know what I’m going through. Thankfully for all of us, Amazon shoppers have found a solution: These collapsible silicone funnels — and you can get a set of four for just $7.

KongNai Kitchen Funnel Set 4 Pack


To buy: KongNai Set of 4 Silicone Collapsible Funnels, $7 at

OK, so this is definitely one of the more minor irritations a homecook is likely to face in the kitchen, but why not make your life just a little bit easier? These funnels do exactly what funnels are supposed to do: Transfer liquids into narrow-necked bottles.The only cleanup you need to do after you’re done using them is rinse them out with soap and water. 

But what sets these apart is not only are they affordable, but the flexible silicone collapses, so that they lay flat inside drawers. No more trying to awkwardly stack funnels on the counter where they take up space, or losing them in cabinets in a sea of other, bigger, kitchen tools. 

These collapsible funnels have earned more than 14,000 perfect ratings on Amazon thanks to how much easier they are to store than plastic funnels. One reviewer wrote that their “trusty set of white plastic funnels have been a total pain when it comes to closing the drawer I keep all my tools in.” These, on the other hand “easily pop open into a semi-rigid funnel and don't flop when I use them for liquids. You can also just slap them down and they fold right up,” they added. 

Another shopper who also couldn’t find anywhere convenient to store their plastic funnels wrote that they “use these funnels for filling their salt and pepper mills, adding fertilizer for their house plants to gallon jugs, and refilling their spice jars.” 

If you’re tired of your plastic funnels taking up more space than they’re worth in your kitchen, you need to get your hands on this collapsible version. And at just $7 for a set of four, there’s no reason to wait.

At the time of publishing, the price was $7.

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