This Knife Sharpener Has Over 17,600 Perfect Ratings, and It’s Over 60% Off Right Now

There’s nothing more dangerous than dull knives.

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Kitchellence Knife Sharpener and Glove


Having dull knives in your kitchen is less safe than having sharp ones. It makes it more difficult to cut through anything, and the chance of your hand slipping increases each time you use it. 

But here’s the thing: Sharpening knives can be a pain. You either have to find someone to do it (and then transport them somehow) or do it yourself, which can feel intimidating and also potentially unsafe. The good news is that if you’re looking for a way to sharpen your blades, right now Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this knife sharpener, and it’s over 60% off, too. 

With over 17,600 perfect Amazon ratings, the Kitchellence 3-Stage Knife Sharpener is currently the bestseller in its category, and for good reason. Reviewers love it for its value, ergonomics, and durability. 

Kitchellence Knife Sharpener and Glove


To buy: Kitchenellence 3-Stage Knife Sharpener, $11 (originally $30) at

The knife sharpener has a three step system. One rod is used to repair damaged and bent blades, the second slot sharpens the knife itself, and the last slot helps polish and fine-tune so there aren’t any jagged edges. While you hold the knife with one hand, the handle of the sharpener has an ergonomic grip, and the brand even threw in a cut-resistant glove for added safety.

One reviewer even says that this is a more economical option than taking their knives to a professional. They write that “for something this quick and easy to use, it does a pretty good job, producing knives with a useful and safer cutting edge, and I now use it regularly.”

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But another reviewer who does sharpen their knives by hand expressed their surprise at loving this item: “I never thought I would like one of these types of knife sharpeners as I do a pretty good job of honing and sharpening by hand with various steels. However, this thing works great. Easy to use and puts a great edge on the knives.”

If you currently have dull knives, or are even expecting a new set of knives this year, you’ll need a great sharpener. And at 63% off, this deal is worth snapping up while it’s still happening. 

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