This Comfortable and Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Mat Is Almost 75% Off at Amazon Right Now

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If you’ve spent extended periods of time in the kitchen, you probably know how exhausting it can be to stand on a hard wooden or tile floor. A comfortable place to stand in the kitchen is a game changer. Not only will you be able to tackle longer recipes, but you can focus more on your food and less on that ache in your back.

There are plenty of projects that require long hours in the kitchen. Whether you're chopping vegetables, keeping a careful eye on a stew, laminating dough for biscuits, or washing a day's worth of dishes, you probably need that extra support. A cushioned kitchen mat will do the trick, and right now, this bestselling version by KitchenClouds is only $10 on Amazon

KitchenClouds Kitchen Mat Cushioned Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug


To buy: KitchenClouds Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat, $10 with coupon (originally $36) at

This mat is made with soft PVC foam that offers relief for your feet, knees, and lower back, and is TK  The edges are beveled, which helps prevent tripping (which is useful if you're moving quickly between the counter and the stove). The corners even have a diamond shape design to stop it from sliding around. 

Any tool that you use in the kitchen needs to be easy to clean, and this kitchen mat is no different. It has a  waterproof coating, and all that’s needed to wipe away messes is a wet cloth. It looks good, too. The sleek but simple design doesn’t clash with most kitchen designs. The mat comes in a variety of colors, including black, grey, red, and khaki, so you can pick the style that works best in your space.

This mat has collected over 2,200 perfect ratings at Amazon thanks to its durability and comfort. One reviewer who had hip replacement surgery wrote that while it can be painful to stand for long periods while cooking and chopping vegetables, this mat absorbs their shifting weight. “I have used it to kneel on while [cleaning] the oven and it saved my back,” another shopper added

It’s also worth noting that while this mat is ideal for the kitchen, it’s surprisingly versatile. It also works in the laundry room, where you can stand on it while sorting clothes, or at a standing desk.

A cushioned kitchen mat is the best way to make standing in the kitchen more bearable. Grab the KitchenClouds Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat while it's only $10. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $10. 

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