Over 15,000 Amazon Shoppers Swear by These KitchenAid Measuring Cups, and Now They're 56% Off

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Whenever you’re cooking or baking, there are tools that are necessary to accomplish the task. Some must-haves include a spatula, a wooden spoon, a whisk, a pan, and a bowl, but one often overlooked is a quality set of measuring cups. Without them, you might add too much of an ingredient like sugar, and ruin your dessert.

Measuring cups are imperative to ensure accurate measurements of each ingredient that go into your concoctions. And if you’re looking for a quality set, listen up: Right now, these top-rated KitchenAid measuring cups are on sale at Amazon for a mere $4, 56% off the original price

KitchenAid Measuring Cups


To buy: KitchenAid Measuring Cups, $4 (originally $9) at amazon.com

Some measuring cups come in sets of three, but this measuring cup set from KitchenAid includes four pieces: A ¼-cup, a ⅓-cup, a ½-cup, and a 1-cup. They are made from a strong plastic that is BPA-free. Each cup has clear, easy-to-read measurements on the handle in both imperial and metric units. The back of the handle of each cup has a soft rubber grip that makes it easier to hold them. Importantly, the cups nest together, and a ring holds them as a unit for easy storage and quick access. But if you want, the ring easily detaches so that you can use each cup separately.

Both dry and wet ingredients can be measured out in these cups — just be sure to wipe them clean between measuring each ingredient. They come in a gorgeous aqua sky color that is pleasing to the eye and provides a more up-to-date, modern look to this essential kitchen tool. 

These KitchenAid measuring cups have earned more than 15,600 perfect five-star ratings from shoppers for their sturdiness, easy-to-read measurements, and soft grip on the handle. One shopper loves the “trendy and cute color” and adds that they are “nicely combined on a ring to keep together, hang, or take apart and use separately.” Another reviewer writes, “They work great, are easy to grip, sturdy, and a great color.”

The quality and accuracy were a hit with this third reviewer who writes that these measuring cups are “very good quality” and that they are “able to accurately read measurements” on them. 

Measuring ingredients precisely is a key component of making those chocolate chip cookies that are gobbled up so quickly or that chicken marsala everyone in your family loves. So grab this measuring cup set today while it’s on sale for only $4. 

At the time of publishing the price was $4.

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