These 6 KitchenAid Utensils Are All Marked Down Under $14 at Amazon Right Now

Grab a spatula, soup ladle, tongs, and more.

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KitchenAid Tools Roundup Tout

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Small tools are necessary for people who cook frequently, but it’s also easy for countertops and drawers to get cluttered with multiple types of spatulas, spoons, and tongs. That’s why you need one reliable version of each kitchen tool — one that won’t melt, bend, or generally succumb to the pressures of repeated use. 

If you need to stock up on everyday tools that make cooking easier, or replace the ones that are worn out from overuse, now’s the perfect time. Amazon is having a sale on a wide selection of KitchenAid utensils that are made to last. You might expect a hefty price tag given that the brand’s iconic stand mixer is a splurge for most people, but prices start at just $7. Here are six of our favorites, and be warned, you might want to grab all of them.

The 6 Best KitchenAid Utensil  Deals Happening Now

Classic Blender Spatula

KitchenAid Classic Blender Spatula


To buy: $10 (originally $16) at

This flexible spatula was designed to scrape off the sides of a blender and reach into the tight crevices underneath the blades. However, it’s easily adaptable to other tasks: It can scrape the inside of a mixing bowl or mix frosting and batter. The spatula’s smooth edges won’t scratch any of your pans or bowls, and it's both heat resistant and dishwasher-safe. 

Stainless Steel Utility Tong

KitchenAid Stainless Steel Utility Tongs


To buy: $11 (originally $19) at

Tongs are a tool that you should always keep close at hand. This pair from KitchenAid is made from durable stainless steel, and features a locking mechanism that makes them easy to store. Not only can it serve as a spatula in a pinch, flipping sausages and steaks, but it's also a useful tool for grilling. 

Gourmet Stainless Steel Wire Masher

KitchenAid Gourmet Stainless Steel Wire Masher


To buy: $11 (originally $18) at

If you frequently mash vegetables, this is the tool for you. This stainless steel masher is much sturdier and more effective than a fork. And because pulverizing vegetables is hard work, KitchenAid designed the silicone handle to be  comfortable for extended use. The masher works on cooked potatoes, avocados, and steamed apples, tomatoes and more. 

Set of 2 Classic Bamboo Spatulas 

KitchenAid Classic Bamboo Spatula


To buy: $13 (originally $19) at

A set of spatulas is one of the most versatile everyday cooking tools you can stock in your kitchen. This two piece KitchenAid set comes with both a mixer and scraper spatula. Whether you’re frosting a cake or scrambling eggs, the uses for both spatulas are nearly endless. The bamboo handle is an extra stylish touch, and the material is safe for all kinds of cookware, including nonstick. 

Classic Slotted Turner 

KitchenAid Classic Slotted Turner


To buy: $8 (originally $10) at

A slotted spatula just makes sense in the kitchen. Designed to lift and turn food so that it's evenly cooked, this heat resistant spatula can be used to flip pancakes and burgers. Made from durable nylon fiberglass and strong enough to support heavier cuts of meat (like steaks), this spatula will be used often and will still last a long time. 

Classic Soup Ladle

KitchenAid Classic Soup Ladle


To buy: $7 (originally $10) at

You don’t need to be an avid soup fan to need a soup ladle in your kitchen. Use it as a serving utensil for gravy, sauces, and stews. No matter what you’re scooping, the sturdy head can contain all types of liquids without losing its integrity. It’s heat resistant, and easy to grip, which reduces the chance of any spills. 

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