Everyone Wants This Classic Cocktail Again, Thanks to 'Emily in Paris'

The Kir Royale's history goes way deeper than 'Emily in Paris'.

Lily Collins as Emily on Emily in Paris; Kir Royale cocktails

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Christmas has come early for "Emily in Paris" fans. On Wednesday, Netflix dropped season three of the low-brow hit set in the city of light, and people cannot get enough of the show's true je ne sais quoi. And that includes following everything Emily does in real life, including hunting down her famed iPhone case, snagging a French McBaguette for McDonald's, and now, making the same cocktails Emily does in the show, too. 

In episode four of season three, Emily sits down for lunch with Luc and Julien at the Place de la Concorde (you know, as one does), where the three toast to the good life with a couple of Kir Royale cocktails. And almost instantly, the drink started to trend online, with fans wanting to recreate the sweet pink drink for themselves. And though it's a beautiful (and tasty) drink, it's one with a legendary history you should know about, too. 

According to Post Magazine, the drink was created by Félix Kir, a Catholic priest and member of the French Resistance during WWII and mayor of the town of Dijon. During his time, the Nazis invaded Burgundy and confiscated much of the community's red wine. But Kir was dedicated to keeping the French way of life alive. So, according to Chilled Magazine, Kir cobbled together a drink made of local dry white wine, Aligoté, and creme de cassis, which made it look almost like their beloved red wines. Post Magazine added, Kir wanted to promote the drink in the "after­math of the war, when, for a time, only inferior Burgundy white wines were widely available. He is said to have advocated the use of crème de cassis to disguise their shortcomings." 

Kir, Post Magazine added, also made a point of serving the drink to delegation members traveling through the region during the war. They reportedly loved the drink and its easy-to-follow recipe so much that they brought it home to share with their communities and gave Kir all the credit along the way. 

Following the war, The Alchemist explained, Kir was awarded the French Honour Cross and made a member of the Legion d'honneur — not just for his cocktail making, though it didn't hurt that he brought the community together over a good drink. He stayed on as Dijon's mayor until his death in 1968, continuing to promote local ingenuity along the way. And now, apparently, Emily is carrying his torch even further thanks to one quick sip on TV (and a plotline that actually continues with the drink, but we won't put any spoilers here). 

Ready to make your own as you watch the Netflix show? Just follow this super simple recipe and maybe toast to Kir before hitting play. 

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