Kinder's Most Well-Known Chocolate Bar Is Finally Coming to the U.S.

The flagship product of the famous European brand is finally coming to North America.

Kinder Chocolate is a hit throughout Europe, but now American chocolate lovers will finally be able to enjoy one of the brand’s most popular offerings stateside — no flight required. The Ferrero Company confectionery brand’s flagship product, Kinder Chocolate, will be available in the U.S. for the first time beginning in August.

"To bring Kinder Chocolate stateside is a monumental moment for the legacy of the Kinder Portfolio — a power brand beloved by millions across the globe," Catherine Bertrac, senior vice president of marketing for Kinder and mainstream chocolate for Ferrero USA said. "We have been gearing up for this launch for quite some time, and we’re thrilled that consumers stateside will soon be able to enjoy this high-quality chocolate offering that’s different from what’s currently available in the U.S. market."

Kinder Chocolate

Courtesy of Kinder

For those unfamiliar with the treat, Kinder Chocolate is a milk chocolate bar with a creamy, "milky" filling. The Kinder brand launched in Europe in 1968 and was initially intended to appeal to children with its chocolate and for parents to feel good giving it to their children, hence the milk part. Now the beloved bar is enjoyed by young and old alike, along with other chocolatey delights under the Kinder Chocolate umbrella.

Kinder chocolates first came stateside in 2017 with the introduction of the chocolate and toy pairing Kinder Joy. Then in 2019, the more premium chocolate bar, Kinder Bueno, made its U.S. debut. Finally, in 2020, Kinder launched seasonal chocolate items such as the Kinder Joy Holiday Egg, Kinder Hollow Ornament Figures, and Kinder Chocolate Happy, among other products.

In 2021, the company began constructing its first chocolate processing building in America based in Illinois. The new expansion will be used to produce Kinder Bueno bars, marking the first time the brand’s chocolate has been made in the U.S. The Kinder Bueno bars are slated to be released from that facility in September 2024.

Moreover, today at the Annual Sweets & Snacks Expo, Ferrero announced the forthcoming release of Kinder Chocolate Mini Friends — individually wrapped Kinder chocolates and festive seasonal graphics — available this holiday season and Easter 2024.

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