Whoa—One of Our Favorite Wine Fridges Is at Its Lowest Price in Years

Hurry, it’s nearly $240 off right now.

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Kalamera 24'' Wine Cooler Refrigerator Tout


From the diverse amount of grapes to the distinctive terrior and passion that goes into the process of making a bottle — there’s no denying that wine is an incredible example of craftsmanship. Those of us who’ve developed a taste for trying brands and blends have likely garnered a well-stacked collection of our own. If you’re one of those folks, a wine fridge may just be an ideal investment for you. 

It’ll keep those coveted bottles in the optimal environment by controlling temperature, light, and humidity (all of which wine is sensitive to). And you’re in luck if you were already thinking about snapping one up. One of our tested favorites is on rare sale. The Kalamera 24-Inch Wine Refrigerator is nearly $240 off right now, which is its lowest price in years

Kalamera 24'' Wine Cooler Refrigerator


To buy: Kalamera 24-Inch Wine Refrigerator, $720 (originally $959) at amazon.com

The Kalamera 24-inch wine fridge  made its way into our top ranks after various tests as our favorite under-counter option. Not only does it’s size and shape lend itself well for stowing away in the kitchen — it’s 22.4-by-23.4-by-33-inches — but it’s also easy to set up and use.

The fridge has two zones: The upper ranges from 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while the bottom half ranges from 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. From there, you can choose what temperatures work best for you by using the display buttons. 

This is important for storing each type of wine bottle you have on hand. Store your white and rosé varieties at the top, since they prefer cooler temperatures for preservation, and your red varieties at the bottom for a more temperate environment. 

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There are five wooden shelves to use, with two on top and three on the bottom. Though we found they can be a touch bulky in testing, the process of stowing wine away was still simple. The drawers pull in and out, and all-in-all can store roughly 46 standard-sized bottles. Plus the wine fridge comes with LED lights so that you can see inside, but won’t damage any of your wines in the process. This is another important element to consider, since the rays from light sources can disrupt the compounds in your wine. You’ll also get further light protection, as the glass door is double layered and tinted. 

The stainless steel outer layer includes a metal bolt at the bottom that locks for extra safety, too. It’ll protect anyone from getting in or accidentally changing temperatures. With machines and appliances alike, they can often vibrate or exude loud sounds, but this model does neither so you don’t have to worry about damaging your wines that way. 

Whether you prefer rich, vintage Cabernet Sauvignon or a light and crisp Sauvignon Blanc, you can trust that each and every bottle in your collection will  be optimally preserved, and ready to drink with this Kalamera 24-Inch Wine Refrigerator. And, now’s the best time to grab it, since it’s on rare sale for 25% off right now. 

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