By Blair Pfander
Updated March 07, 2014
Justine D.

Some of Justine D’s legendary New York sets have included spinning for the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met, the Jean Paul Gaultier Retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum and a series of “Motherfucker” parties that kicked off in 2000 and paved the way for other famous women DJs. She’ll also set the mood at the highly-anticipated Cherry Bombe Jubilee on March 30 in New York. The indie magazine’s event celebrates women in food like April Bloomfield, Kristin Kish and D herself. She’s a trained pastry chef and self-described rock 'n’ roll baker whose next dream is to have her own bakery (follow her Tumblr: In the Kitchen at Parties). Given Justine D's late-night experience and good taste in pastries, we highly recommend her recovery tips below, which range from a bargain DIY foot spa to salty-tender pretzel-croissants.

At-home refresh. Lots of Earl Grey tea, John Coltrane, and baking. My feet are usually sore after wearing five-inch heels from the night before. I use cooling mint foot lotion and wrap my feet in warm towels while napping on my couch. (Aveda Foot Relief lotion has been on the DJ’s nightstand for 20 years.)

Bakery fix. I love City Bakery and religiously eat the Pretzel Croissant. If I'm in the mood for an almond croissant, I'll go to Ceci Cela. And when I'm in the West Village, I always stop by Blue Ribbon Bakery Market for the country pâté with Dijon mustard on toast.

Juice joint. It's really is hard to resist Juice Press in New York—they happen to be everywhere now. I'm a big smoothie person and order "Heaven On Earth." Made with almond milk, almond butter, dates, bananas and cinnamon, it fills me up after a rigorous workout.

Favorite exercise. I like spin and very high-energy workouts. I'm training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon now and that has been challenging but fun. One trainer to check out is Loi Jordon at Equinox. I've been taking her classes for twelve years and really can't imagine life without her.

Moment of Zen. I usually stumble upon them when going on long walks alone in the city. Walking the streets of New York is definitely my form of meditation.

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