José Andrés Says This Meal Is One of the Reasons He Married His Wife

And it's easy for you to make at home, too.

José Andrés; Gazpacho

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José Andrés may be one of the most famous faces in food, but that doesn't mean he's the only one in his house who can whip up a world-class meal. In fact, according to Andrés, his wife Patricia's gazpacho is so good that it's one of the reasons he proposed. 

On a recent segment on TODAYAndrés, along with his daughters Carlota, Inés, and Lucia (who are also gearing up to launch their new show on Discovery+), shared a few of their favorite recipes. And one, Andrés explained, is a "very winter dish — a cold gazpacho soup." The girls, however, quickly revealed that it wasn't their father's recipe, but rather, it belonged to their mom. 

Andrés explained that the recipe includes all the staples like tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and salt, all thrown in a blender until smooth. 

In a blog post accompanying the segment on, Andrés shared more about the dish's origins, writing, "My wife, Patricia, is from Andalucía, a region known for sherry and hams. But not many people know that Andalucía is the cold-soup capital of the world, thanks to gazpacho."

He added, "Every summer when you open the refrigerator in my house, you'll see a big glass pitcher right in the middle with this rich, creamy red liquid inside. It's always ready to refresh you on a hot day. My wife doesn't like to cook, and she always tries hard to change the menu at home. But one thing she cooks like the gods is gazpacho. This is her recipe. It's also one of the reasons I married her." 

Though it wasn't the only dish Andés shared in the segment with his children. They also whipped up xuixos, a Catalan pastry they say is ideal for the holidays. 

"A good croissant is a beautiful thing, but a xuixo is for the gods. This incredible pastry, which is pronounced 'choo-cho,' was invented in the 1920s in the Catalonian city of Girona," Andrés wrote. "The legend says that a famous acrobat fell in love with a pastry chef's daughter. They were caught in the bakery together when the pastry chef heard the acrobat sneeze ('shoo!'). The acrobat then gifted the pastry chef the recipe for xuixos ... and promised to marry his daughter. Maybe that's a stretch, but no matter what, it's an amazing creation." 

See the Andrés family gazpacho recipe here, or find a few more versions of the chilled soup dish right here on

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