This Whiskey Bottle Christmas Tree Is a Festive Alternative to Evergreens

Only 100 of the limited-edition displays are available for sale.

Jameson Table-Top Whiskey Trees

Courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey

Displaying empty booze bottles in your home after college tends to be an interior design "don't." But then again, Christmas is the time of year people drag a dead tree into their house to hang stuff on it, so, really, anything goes. With that in mind, Jameson Irish Whiskey has found a way to combine the best of both worlds: their bottle-based "Whiskey Tree."

Back in 2020, Jameson released a limited run of Whiskey Trees transforming their signature green bottles into a glass-based imitation of an actual Christmas tree: Yes, the bottle-holding frames were nearly 9 feet tall. This year, the brand opted to go more manageable, introducing 3-foot-tall table-top versions that are built from a mere 19 empty bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey instead of the 130 bottles required for the former full-size version.

But as was the case with the larger "trees," Jameson explains that the table-top ones arrive as a stand (some assembly required) with built-in lighting that glows green when the aforementioned 19 bottles are slid into place — billed as "a surefire conversation starter" and a no-mess version of a traditional tree. And before you complain that this is just a gimmick to get people to buy 19 bottles of Jameson, never fear, the stand is sold with 19 empty bottles to keep people drinking responsibly. That said, they don't want to leave fans totally empties-handed, so this limited-edition holiday bundle also arrives with a full bottle of Jameson Black Barrel.

"Holiday trees are often a festive symbol of seasonal gatherings that celebrate joyous times and a happy new year, and the Jameson Whiskey Table-Top Trees are our fun twist on this beloved tradition," Kelly Suhr, Jameson's senior brand director, stated. "As a brand that believes in bringing people together to spark those moments of connection this holiday season, we are giving consumers the opportunity to trade in tangled tree lights and instead invite friends and families together to raise a glass this holiday with Jameson."

The Jameson Whiskey Table-Top Tree goes on sale today exclusively on while supplies last. Each one is priced at $200 (plus taxes and shipping), but only 100 have been made, so expect them to sell out quickly.

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