The Brand Behind the Instant Pot Just Launched a Stand Mixer, and It’s on Sale

For 30% off, this stand mixer is a great deal.

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Instant Stand Mixer Pro


Before I got a stand mixer, I always felt limited in the kitchen. Whether it was making bread, cookies, pizza dough, even crushed up meat (for sausages), there were a ton of kitchen projects I just couldn’t take on. And now that I have one, it feels like I’ve been set free.

Well, if you’re looking for a quality stand mixer for all of your kitchen projects, you’re in luck. Instant Brands, the maker of that Instant Pot you may have heard of, just released a new stand mixer, and it’s at its lowest price ever right now.

Instant Stand Mixer Pro


To buy: Instant Stand Mixer Pro, $210 (originally $300) at

Let’s get into the details. The stand mixer itself is a beautiful pearl white and features a sleek design reminiscent of a sports car. And it performs similarly, according to the brand. It has 600 watts of power, so even the thickest doughs won’t slow it down, and has 10 speed control settings perfect for creaming butter or furiously whisking a meringue. The interface itself is a digital screen, which is a nice touch, and it even comes with a built-in timer, so you can automatically set the machine to whisk for a minute. 

Instant Brands also notes that the stand mixer is lighter than the competition, which is great because lifting those things can be a pain. As for stability, there are suction cups on the base to ensure it won’t wobble, even when it’s going at the highest speed. 

Beyond the main aspects of the machine, it also comes with all of the accessories you need to get started, including a dough hook, mixing paddle, and whisk. And one thing worth mentioning is that the mixing bowl itself has a handle, a stark difference from the competition, but one that’s worth it if you’re constantly pouring batter into cake tins. It also comes with a pouring shield to cover the bowl, so nothing splatters all over your kitchen counter.

While Instant Brand only launched the appliance this year, reviewers are already in love. One writes that although they were skeptical at first, “the more I use this machine, the more I like the experience — which leads to using the machine even more.”

Personally, I have one question: will it inspire the same devotion as the Instant Pot did? Only one way to find out: get yours for 30% off at Amazon right now. 

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