Ariel Arce: Champagne & Caviar

In this tasting demonstration, Ariel Arce of caviAIR demystifies champagne and sheds light on the caviar industry, giving you the tools & insights to buy the best possible product at a price point that is comfortable for you.

  • Pairing #1: NV Dhondt Grellet Terres Fines and NV Delamotte Blanc de Blancs, with Kaluga Imperial caviar

    Kaluga, in Ariel's opinion, is one of the most consistent, one of the most pleasing and incredible caviars you can buy on the market - and can be your entry level into caviar.

  • Pairing #2: NV Christophe Mignon Blanc de Noir and NV Cedric Mousse Vin de Mon Terroir, with Russian Osetra caviar

    Pinot meunier was once considered a filler grape, the black sheep of champagne grapes, but Ariel considers it the benchmark of up & coming winemakers in this region. She pairs these blanc de noirs with the classic Russian Osetra caviar (A.C. Gueldenstaldtii).

  • Pairing #3: NV Hure Frere Insouciance and NV Laherte Freres Ultradition Brut Rosé, with Siberian Sturgeon

    In her final pairing, Ariel matches rosé with this classic black caviar - traditionally a little bit saltier, but Ariel shares how the flavor of caviars can change throughout the year (and why that's a good thing!)

ariel arce

The way we like to do our service is we take a little caviar, we put it on a potato chip, we pop it in our mouth, and we wash it down with a little champagne. Am I already the most fun person that's done a seminar for you?

— ariel arce
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