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Fregula cun Cocciula (Sardinian Fregola with Clams)
This dish spotlights perfectly steamed clams and chewy fregola, a small round pasta from Sardinia, in a golden, spicy, briny broth. Place the clams in a colander and scrub them well under cold running water to remove any grit before steaming. The recipe, which Goodnight Hospitality culinary director Amber Burling developed for March restaurant in Houston, is especially delicious when matched with a Sardinian Vermentino. Sommeliers June Rodil and Mark Sayre, also of March, love it with the 2019 Vigne Rada Stria Vermentino di Sardegna. "Sardinian Vermentino is round, fleshy, and lemon curd–like, and you need that body to go with the heat of the clams," they say. "The salty, briny, orchard-fruit notes combat the richness of the fregola and heat from the red pepper flakes in the Fregula cun Cocciula."
22 Stone Fruit Recipes That Are Pure Summer
Juicy peaches. Plump cherries. Tart raspberries (yes, raspberries!) Summer is the season of stone fruit, and we've pulled together over 20 recipes here that showcase them at their best. Dessert may immediately come to mind, and we've certainly got recipes for those, from a Lemon Lavender Nectarine Cobbler to a Plum Upside-Down Cake, which is just as pretty as it sounds. But if you're looking for more of a savory preparation, have no fear — you'll also find Spicy Mango Pork with Noodles here, as well as Grilled Apricots with Burrata, Country Ham, and Arugula. Keep reading for all 22 recipes, and start making your shopping list now so you can squeeze in a few before fall.
Roast Chicken and Warm Escarole Caesar
This roast chicken from the menu at Dusek's in Chicago is a sleeper hit, combining comforting roast chicken and the briny flavors of Caesar salad for a cozy meal. Marinating the chicken for at least 24 hours in a koji marinade makes it nice and juicy while infusing it with tons of flavor. The chicken emerges from the oven savory, sweet, a little smoky, and slightly spicy with a deep brown crust. It's the perfect match for the just-wilted escarole, which still retains some crunch and is slightly bitter. Tender roasted potatoes add some extra heft to the preparation, and a homemade Caesar dressing brings it all together. A recipe for garlic confit can be found here.
Smoked Bluefish Spread
At her summer home on Martha's Vineyard, Jessica B. Harris serves this bluefish spread with crackers as hors d'oeuvres (with a Ti' Punch cocktail) to dinner party guests and at participants in her "five to sevens" — gatherings on the porch with drinks and small bites, so-called because they take place between the hours of five and seven o'clock. Smoky, rich, and creamy, this delicious spread brings together luscious smoked bluefish with light and fluffy whipped cream cheese, tangy whole-milk yogurt, and a dash of acidic hot sauce and horseradish. Don't skip on chilling the dip for at least 1 hour; time in the fridge allows the flavors and textures to meld. Be sure to re-season the blue fish spread with lemon juice and hot sauce after chilling as these ingredients will often mellow over time. The delicate crunch and neutral flavor of lavash or water crackers allow the smoky dip to be the star of the show. Bluefish is a popular and abundant fish on the Vineyard. Another smoked, oily-fleshed fish, such as whitefish, mackerel, or trout, may also be used here.
Bacon-Wrapped Watermelon Rind Pickles
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Gently rendered, crispy bacon comes together with sweet-and-sour pickled watermelon rind in this salty, tangy, chewy snack. As they bake together in the oven, the bacon takes on the fruity brine, while the watermelon rind takes on the savory, smoky aroma of the bacon. Use standard-cut bacon for the best results; thick-cut slices will not cook evenly. At her summer home on Martha's Vineyard, cookbook author and scholar Jessica B. Harris serves these hors d'oeuvres —  a spin on the rumaki of the 1960s inspired by her friend, Ken Smith, in New Orleans — in her living room along with a Guadeloupean Ti' Punch cocktail as a precursor to dinner. They're also a hit (with a cocktail) at her "five to sevens"—gatherings on the porch with drinks and small bites, so-called because they take place between the hours of five and seven. For the best watermelon rind pickles, Harris  recommends Walnut Creek or Prissy's jarred watermelon rind pickles for their firm texture and not too cloyingly sweet taste. Cut larger pickles in half to form 1-inch squares for even cooking.
Pepperoni Rolls with Garlic-Anchovy Marinara
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The pepperoni roll is a West Virginian lunch or snack in which spicy, garlicky pepperoni is stuffed inside a soft yeasted bread roll. When it bakes, the oil from the pepperoni seeps into the bread for delicious results. Adding cheese is optional — we've gone for provolone here, whose salty, mildly sweet flavor balances the pepperoni beautifully (not to mention, it gets nice and melty too). The roll itself also has some sweetness from honey. We're serving the pepperoni rolls appetizer-style with marinara sauce on the side that's been bolstered with caramelized baked garlic and salty anchovies. Add them to the menu for your next party or tailgate.

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Peach Salad with Peanuts and Chile
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Spicy chiles and sweet peaches come together in this simple, summery salad perfect for backyard parties. Lemon vinegar and manuka honey lend each bite a sweet-tart zing and silky texture, amplifying the juiciness of fresh peaches. The sweet honey mellows the sharp and punchy lemon vinegar, adding brightness without overpowering the delicate fruit. Avoid using Meyer lemon vinegar, which will be too sweet once combined with the honey. Long, thin and vibrantly colored, Holland finger chiles, or Dutch chiles, add a moderate jalapeño-like heat to the fragrant dish. Lean on this stunning salad when peaches are at their prime to showcase the best of summer produce. Freestone peaches, such as July Prince, release cleanly from the pit making slicing a breeze, while clingstone peaches, like Flavorich, are typically smaller, juicier and slightly sweeter but can be more challenging to cut. Top a generous serving with grilled chicken or shrimp for a hearty main course. Infused with peaches and chiles, leftover dressing on the platter makes a great addition to spicy margaritas or combined with smashed blackberries for a quick shrub.
Grilled Halibut with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
A generous five cloves of garlic give this punchy, well-balanced sweet roasted red bell pepper sauce (made using jarred, roasted red peppers) a mildly spicy bite. It's a terrific marinade for mild white fish, infusing fillets with flavor without making them tough. When marinating the fish, be sure to first set aside a generous portion of the marinate, which does double duty here as a sauce for the cooked fish. Serve with crusty bread for sopping up extra sauce, with juicy grilled squash on the side.
Mango and Pineapple Give Chicken Skewers Some Island Heat

Paola Velez shares her recipe for Chicken, Mango, and Piña Skewers on this episode of Last-Minute Meals with Paola.