It's a sad day at Food & Wine for all of us, because our lovely assistant photo editor Lisa Kim is leaving after over five years of working here. But it's an especially sad day for me, since Lisa's a great friend—and she likes to make me lunch (she's the more talented half of our Lunch Club, which I blogged about in its earlier days). So in the spirit of trying to continue Lunch Club by myself—as well as inspire others—I asked Lisa for her rules in choosing how she decides what to cook.

Lisa Kim's Methodology for the Perfect Lunch:

1. Go to the Advanced Search field on and run a search for "Fast" and "Staff Favorite Recipes" ("It has to be above all delicious, and quick to make, since I'm a busy city girl!" she says).

2. Choose among dishes for that month and surrounding months, as well as in previous years ("For example, right now I'd be looking for September, October and November recipes from all years").

3. For further narrowing, choose recipes written by our Test Kitchen staff. Lisa's favorites:

From Marcia Kiesel, Test Kitchen Supervisor: Parmesan-Crusted Chicken with Arugula Salad, August 2003.

From Grace Parisi, Senior Test Kitchen Associate: All the dressings in "Perfect Salad Dressings", May 2007.

From Melissa Rubel, Test Kitchen Associate: Barbecued Salmon Sandwiches, June 2007.

4. Other Lunch Club favorites ("Because of speed and deliciousness and reheatablility/lack of needing to be reheated"):

From Younhee Choi: Spicy Korean Pork Buns, December 2003

From Alex Lee: Broiled Striped Bass with Ginger Scallion Oil, March 2001.

From Christophe Emé: Roasted Red Pepper Sandwiches with Tapenade and Basil, July 2006.