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14 Recipes for a Low-Key (But Impressive) Valentine's Day Dinner
A home-cooked meal is a great way to show someone that you care about them, and that rings especially true on Valentine's Day. You can always go all-out and plan an elaborate dinner, but if you want something special without spending all day in the kitchen, these recipes will do the trick. Fondue is never a bad idea, and sitting down to a rich, melty pot of cheese will definitely feel luxurious—plus, it's very easy to pull together. Or, rely on your trusty sheet pan to make an herby roasted fish with fingerling potatoes, which yields an elegant main course with minimal clean-up to ruin the mood afterwards. Need some greens in the mix? This endive salad not only comes together quickly, but also feels special thanks to bright pomegranate arils. Whichever of these recipes you choose, a memorable meal is just a few steps away—read on for the full spread.
20 Romantic Dinner Recipes
Whether you’re serving a rich cheese fondue, roasted rack of lamb, or fresh linguine and clams, a romantic dinner for two can make an ordinary evening a little more special. Go big with a veal stew or a classic cacio e pepe pasta, or try something different with homemade pizza or a bowl of fresh ramen. For a special holiday, anniversary, or a spur-of-the-moment surprise, add these romantic dinner recipes to your arsenal; you’ll come back to them time and time again. Related: Full guide to Valentine's Day

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15 Impressive Recipes for Valentine's Day Dinner
You have two choices for Valentine's Day dinner: jockey for a reservation, or make a meal from scratch. If you decide to cook, we've gathered a few elegant recipes to help fill out your menu. Think white truffle tagliolini, herbes de Provence-crusted branzino, and steakhouse-style rib eyes, with a few salads and vegetable sides to match, too. Add a nice bottle of wine and some candles, and you'll be glad you stayed in. Related: Full guide to Valentine's Day
A Dozen Rose-Infused Recipes to Serve on Valentine’s Day

Sure, you can buy a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day and call it a night—but cooking with roses is a creative (and very aesthetically-pleasing, might we add) way to mix things up. In this roundup, you’ll find rose recipes for any time of the day. Stuffed peppers with flowery honey for hors d'oeuvres? Check. Vodka rose punch and creamy rose panna cotta for dessert? You got it. Some use rosewater, while others use rose petals—all in all, we ended up with a solid dozen. It just felt right, given the theme.