Why give your sweetheart a paper card when you can make an edible one instead?
Valentine's Day Cookie Cards
Credit: Abby Hocking

This Valentine's Day, instead of going to the store to buy a card that will inevitably end up in the trash, try your hand at a card that will end up in your loved one's belly. Whatever message you write, it will be that much sweeter. Here's how to do it:

Cutting Dough
Credit: Abby Hocking

1. Make the cookies and icing: A classic sugar cookie provides the perfect canvas for cookie cards. All you need to do is roll out your dough extra-thin to make cookies that can slip into a paper envelope. We rolled the dough 1/16"-thick and cut out 4-by-6-inch cards using a ruler and bench scraper, but you can use rectangular cookie cutters, or a knife, too. Then, carefully transfer the cookies to a parchment lined baking sheet, and bake for about 6 minutes at 375°, rotating halfway through baking. Let the baked cookies cool completely before decorating. Meanwhile, make a few batches of royal icing: one to use for the outline, one for flooding, and however many you want for all the colors your heart desires. We prefer gel colors to dye, and piping bags and tips for the most precise decorations.

Flooding the cookie with frosting
Credit: Abby Hocking

2. Decorate the cards: To make a blank card, use outline-weight royal icing to draw a border. Then, fill in the center with flooding-weight royal icing. You can play with the design here as much as you like. Try outlining and color-blocking hearts before flooding or using the flooding and marbling technique to make marbled hearts (Check out our Holiday Cookie Decorating Guide for the details on all of our favorite techniques.) Dust with edible glitters and sprinkles to your heart's content. Once you've created your base design, let it dry and set completely for about 1 hour.

Writing on cards
Credit: Abby Hocking

3. Write your love notes: We love the personal touch of writing with edible markers. They are easy to write and draw with and your handwriting stays true. You can also create designs with different colors of icing, and flock them with sprinkles to make them pop. Once your decorations have dried, carefully slip your cookie cards into envelopes and share them with the ones you love.