Credit: © H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Corbis

The good dinner reservations are all gone, the chocolates are picked over, don’t even get me started on what’s left of the flowers and all the couple’s massages in the city are booked up—even the one with the Swedish woman whose hands are way too strong for your liking.

So here are some things you can throw together for Valentine's Day that will hopefully get you off the hook for dropping the ball and maybe even make the laziest slacker look good in the process.

1. Slow cook something.

Now is an excellent time to break out your crockpot and make something that needs to simmer all night. Pick something that takes a nice, slow braise and you’ll get the duel benefit of not having to do much work and getting to take credit for hours and hours worth of cooking.

2. Cook together.

One of you chopping, one of you whisking—you can sell this as a romantic activity. We know you can. Here is some food for thought, recipe-wise.

3. Scavenger hunt for ingredients.

Tell her you thought it would be romantic t forage the ingredients you’re going to cook with. It’s a bonding experience! Here’s a helpful map with the location of edible ingredients all over the world so you can pick with the confidence that you won’t die. This comes with the added bonus of it taking all day to do so it doubles as a date activity.

4. Hire a chef.

No longer just for the extravagantly wealthy, booking a chef who will come to your home and cook can be done on various websites and apps. Message a site like KitchIt and they’ll pair you with a chef for not much more than you’d pay out at a restaurant.

5. Just make the damn chocolates yourself.

Truffles aren’t all that challenging to make. It’s mostly melting chocolate and waiting for it to firm up again. You can definitely handle it and what you come up with will be better than what’s left at Duane Reade.

6. Go on a museum date.

Going to the museum takes little advanced planning. In fact it takes no advance planning. There’s even a chance you guys will go to a “pay what you want” museum, so not only will you get a last-minute dose of culture, it will be cheap. Not only that, but with more and more museums putting an emphasis on good food, you may just be able to get dinner taken care of too.

7. Give a romantic serenade.

Not from you. We know you can’t sing. Minibar, a website that heretofore has just been providing alcohol and mixers delivered on demand, has branched out for V-Day. You can still order a complete package that comes with a bottle of Champagne, flowers, chocolates and a “handsome gentleman in a red suit” who will sing Justin Timberlake’s Señorita to sweetheart. Going for a surprise? This is a surprise.

If all else fails you can always just go watch 50 Shades with a jumbo bucket of popcorn. They still give free refills on those right?