The food holiday gods (whoever those are) have given everyone a pass to eat guilt-free today—and we are not taking it lightly.
Pecan-Honey Buns

Today might be the best food holiday of the year: National Eat What You Want Day. Who comes up with these holidays, anyway? We don't know, but we thank you, food holiday calendar gods. We're taking this one seriously—by indulging in all sorts of delicious foods and drinks. I've crafted my own personal dream menu, below, but think of it as a starting off point. After all, it's National Eat What YOU Want Day; this special holiday should be all about doing what you're feeling. Check out my recommendations, and then peruse through our never-ending catalog of recipes to personalize it to your tastes.

Breakfast of Champions:
These Pecan-Honey Buns will instantly make your Wednesday morning feel like the perfect Sunday. With a sticky honey glaze on top of soft pillows of nutty goodness, the only way to make this dish better is to have a drink in hand, too. Being in the middle of the work week, we will start off the day with a Long Island Iced Coffee. (For sticklers, note that there is a solid ounce of coffee liqueur in these.)

For Lunch:
Did we mention this is a guilt-free day of eating? Ok, good, because lunch looks a lot like a dessert (panini). Don't worry: People all over the world eat paninis for lunch, and ours just happens to be filled with cream cheese, chocolate, and pistachios. Oh, and brushed with a little butter and sugar before being toasted to crispy, gooey, heaven. To keep up your stamina through the end of the day, opt for a Café Cubano, too.

Bringing it Home:
Having already eaten plenty of dessert today (sorry mom), it's probably time to find a new way to indulge. Since the Yankees are playing the Kansas City Royals tonight, we're going to go for some American classics while watching the game. During warm-ups, maybe go for some crispy bacon candy; then move on to these incredible sweet & sticky hot wings; and finally start to wind the day down with the best burger to date: the Nacho Burger.