By PureWow
Updated December 08, 2014
Credit: © David Burton / Alamy

No more schlepping to the liquor store, trying to carrying home heavy boxes of booze or paying outrageous delivery fees. This holiday season save time and money prepping for your party by ordering booze online.

This piece appeared as 5 Boozy Home Delivery Services on PureWow.

Our busy lives don’t leave much time for restocking bar carts at the bottle shop. Luckily, there are a slew of home delivery services that will do the heavy lifting for you. Here are five you should know.

Minibar Promises delivery (for no extra fee) of wine, liquor, beer, cider and mixers in as little as 30 minutes. Available in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, The Hamptons, Silicon Valley, Ithaca (NY) and Westchester (NY).

Saucey Brings wine, beer and liquor (tax, tip and delivery included in the cost) to your door in under an hour. Bottles don tags printed with quotes from literary imbibers like Hemingway. Available in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

FoxTrot Offers wine, beer and liquor, plus mixers and an assortment of foods for delivery in under an hour (fee of $5, tip included). Available in Chicago.

Booze Carriage In less than an hour, you can have wine, beer, liquor, mixers and garnishes at your fingertips. And there’s no delivery fee. Available in New York City.

SixDoors Stocks California vinos and delivers to your doorstep within a few hours for $6 a pop. You even get an email heads-up when your order is on its way. Available in San Francisco.