When he says "I love you guys," it's not his family he's talking to.
nick offerman thanksgiving
Credit: Michael Tran / Getty Images

Who better to spend one of the most American holidays of all with than a guy whose whole persona is based on how American he is? In this video, join the Offermans for their Thanksgiving dinner and their post-dinner whiskey toast. Previous Offerman whiskey videos include that time he tried to open a distillery in Scotland and that time he sung a whiskey song.

This year's offering sees us looking in on Offerman's family as they discuss the usual things like sports, the weather, and local news. Specifically, Nick says, "Dad, how was the sports today?" to which he replies, "Sports were excellent son—both teams tried hard." When Nick says, "There's also the weather, and a local news story of interest," another relative says enthusiastically, "I saw that."

The video is an ad for the Lagavulin distillery on the island of Islay, Scotland that's been partnering with Nick Offerman since 2014. In the video, after they finish the meal (which takes about twenty seconds to eat in its entirety), Nick says, "That meal was excellent, but this is better." With that, the family raises a toast to Thanksgiving with their glasses of Lagavulin whiskey, a 16-year-old single malt whisky. When Nick follows up the toast with, "I love you guys," and hears in reply, "We love you too, son," to which Nick Offerman clarifies, "I was speaking to the glasses of whiskey."

It's a charming little video—part cheerful holiday movie, part comedy, part quirky little indie movie. We would definitely watch the feature-length version of Thanksgiving at the Offermans, especially if they could get Nick's wife Megan Mullally on board.

Don't worry—your personal Nick Offerman time doesn't have to end with Thanksgiving. You can also celebrate Christmas with his Yule log and New Year's with his one-man New Year's party.