For Jessica Koslow of L.A. restaurant Squirl, Thanksgiving means a long weekend filled with food, family and friends.

By Jessica Koslow
November 07, 2016

When I opened my restaurant, Sqirl, in L.A. four years ago, I never took a day off. We're open seven days a week. My staff and I even worked on Thanksgiving, making sides and desserts for people to take home. But last year, for the first time, I decided to give myself a break. I closed the restaurant not just on the holiday but for the whole weekend--and that's how the 72-hour Thanksgiving was born. 

Around the time when you start craving your first helping of leftovers all the way through Sunday night became my favorite stretch: 72 hours to do nothing but connect with family and friends. I opened the door and everyone came in and took off their shoes, ready to exchange ideas, eat, drink and watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

These recipes are all great examples of how I like to cook and eat during those 
72 hours and in general. (I’ve been called a squirrel myself because I like to nibble on small bites of various things throughout the day.) At Sqirl, we open 
first thing in the morning and close at 4 p.m., with 
a menu that features morning food, sweets, savories, salads and bowls—the kind of food you could crave 
any time of day.

The dishes I’m sharing here are super-versatile, they find flavor in brightness (like 
a squeeze of lemon on jam-stuffed French toast or 
a ton of snipped dill in a basmati rice bowl) and they can all be enjoyed in a variety of ways. The pork-
and-slaw sandwiches, slathered with aioli on fragrant homemade seeded rolls, can be eaten with gusto 
all in one sitting—or that same pork-slaw filling could become the topping for a hearty vegetable-packed bowl. The crunchy nut-and-puffed-millet mix is an addictive snack, but it also makes a killer salad 
or ice cream sprinkle. If you ask me, this is the best way to build meals and enjoy them with friends during 72 of the most relaxing hours of the year.

Jam-Stuffed Brioche French Toast

It’s Sunday morning and that means one and only one thing: brunch.

© Marcus Nilsson

Jessica Koslow started making jam in Los Angeles and soon developed such a huge following that she had to expand her business, and Sqirl was born; this is just one of the showcases for jam you’ll find there. 

Roast Pork Sandwiches with Three-Cabbage Slaw and Aioli

© Marcus Nilsson

Browning the pork first, then wrapping it in heavy-duty foil to roast, traps in all the great flavor and keeps the meat superjuicy.

Dinner Rolls with Nigella Seeds and Flaky Sea Salt

© Marcus Nilsson

These are the best rolls you can make—they’re easy and light, with just the right texture for eating alone or in a sandwich.

Three-Cabbage Slaw with Toasted Pumpkin Seed and Árbol Chile Vinaigrette

Shred the cabbages in a food processor using the slicing disk and no pressure.

Basmati Rice with Dill and Barberries

© Marcus Nilsson

Koslow is known for her rice bowls topped with raw and cooked vegetables, proteins, pickles and crispies. Use this fragrant rice as a base to up your leftovers game.

Spaghetti with Broccolini

This recipe comes from Sqirl cook Paul Everett, who has 
a knack for pasta. It’s the crispy roasted Broccolini leaves that make it special. You can substitute any kind of pasta--even gnocchi. 

Beet Socca with Yogurt and Greens

Great for brunch, lunch or a light supper, you can dress up these gluten-free pancakes with smoked fish, horseradish crème fraîche and poached 
or fried eggs. Or make minis and serve with cocktails.

Kabocha Squash Salad

Bitter greens are the perfect foil for the sweet, caramelized kabocha squash in this hearty, festive salad from Jessica Koslow of Sqirl in Los Angeles. It's an interesting, tasty alternative to your normal salad that brings all the fall flavors you're craving. Make it on a weeknight and then pack your leftovers for lunch.

Marcus Nilsson

If you happen to have leftover squash from your Thanksgiving feast, by all means use it here.

Sweet & Spicy Black Sesame Seed and Nut Mix

© Marcus Nilsson

This mix was inspired by the sesame candy that was one of two sweets in the pantry when Koslow was growing up. Sprinkle it on salads and veggies for a little crunch. 

Sticky Toffee Whole-Wheat Date Cake

Koslow’s take on a classic sticky toffee pudding gets 
a big boost of flavor from 
plump Medjool dates and hearty whole-wheat flour. It's perfect for breakfast or dessert. 

Hazelnut-Rosemary Caramel Tart

© Marcus Nilsson

This tart was created by Sqirl’s amazing pastry chef, Meadow Ramsey, who rose to the challenge of making a nutty holiday tart without corn syrup and ended up with this brown rice syrup, honey and brown sugar masterpiece with the best-ever caramel custard filling.