Keep calm and find another pie.
Sweet-Potato Pie with Cornmeal Crust
Credit: Con Poulos

Patti LeBelle has earned two Emmy Awards and nine lifetime achievement awards. She starred in the first African American group to grace the cover of Rolling Stone. She’s released multiple number-one singles including the iconic disco tune, “Lady Marmalade.” But if you've heard news about her lately, it most likely revolves around a viral sweet potato pie that's sold only at Walmart. The offering skyrocketed to cult status with help from a rave video review. During the height of the rush, Walmart reported selling them at a rate of one pie per second. While Walmart races to restock, pie scalpers are making a killing by selling the desserts on eBay with over 1,000 percent mark-up—some of the 3.50 pies are going for as much as $60. While we hope to one day try a LaBelle sweet potato pie, there are plenty of pies to eat in the meantime this Thanksgiving. Here, our guides for finding the best pre-made pies and making your own.

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