This spring in Italy, the US will revel in the awesomeness of Thanksgiving at the World's Fair, aka Expo Milano 2015.

By Pamela Kaufman
Updated May 23, 2017

America is getting geared up for the World's Fair, also known as the Expo Milano 2015, taking place from May through October in Milan, Italy. It's kind of a big deal: Previous World's Fairs have introduced the citizens of this planet to such innovations as the Eiffel Tower (1889), the Ferris Wheel (1893) and, more urgently, the ice cream cone (1904) and the Belgian waffle (1964).

Food will dominate the 2015 event, the theme of which is "United to Feed the Planet." A total of 146 countries will put their edible philosophies on display. The UK Pavilion will focus on bees; China will spotlight haute cuisine. And the USA Pavilion— inside a building with a vertical farm—will contain exhibits about food policy, farming, nutrition and other weighty subjects. Then there's "The Great American Foodscape," about farm-to-table cooking, artisans, fads, foods of the future and (of course) Thanksgiving. Hologram-inspired 3-D projections will give visitors a seat at a Thanksgiving table that morphs betweeen different cross-cultural menus.

No food will be served inside the pavilion but food trucks parked outside will show the world that America is proud to be a country that put good food on wheels; the way things are going, there might even be a Thanksgiving on a Bun. For a sit-down meal, the James Beard American Restaurant in central Milan will focus on Thanksgiving menus every Thursday, prepared by a rotating roster of chefs.