Upgrade your classic Thanksgiving dishes this year and turn them into pie.
Pumpkin Pie Bread Pudding with Bourbon-Pecan Hard Sauce

We'll try anything if it's in the form of pie. If you're willing to stray from tradition this year, try these fun twists on some Thanksgiving classics. Upgrade your favorite Thanksgiving dishes with an unexpected makeover: turn them into pie. Here, five fun ways to pie.

1. Green Bean Pie with Onion Crust.
Mix crushed french fried onion rings with melted butter and press the mixture into a pie dish. Fill with your favorite green bean casserole and bake until set.

2. Cranberry Relish Jello Pie.
Make orange-flavored jello and pour a 1/2-inch layer into a pie dish. Chill until set. Spread a 1/2-inch layer of cranberry relish on top of the jello. Top with a layer of whipped cream.

3. Mashed Potato Pie.
Create a lattice with strips of bacon in a pie dish and bake until crisp. Mix mashed potatoes with grated cheese and scallions and scoop it on top of the bacon. Bake until the cheese oozes.

4. Stuffing-Gravy Pie.
Encase your favorite stuffing in a double crust. Bake until crisp, then serve drizzled all over with gravy.

5. Leftovers Breakfast Pie.
Chop up all your leftovers - turkey, vegetables and bread. Mix with eggs and milk. Bake in a pie dish until puffed and golden on top.