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33 Showstopping Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Turkey is the undeniable star of Thanksgiving, so you want to have an impressive recipe in your back pocket—luckily, we have over 40 you can try. Beyond the classic preparation, we’re also big fans of spatchcocking turkey for ultra-crispy skin, and even slathering the bird with mayo, inside and out (trust us on this one) for juicy meat. You can also add clementines and garlic to the roasting pan for added flavor, or pair the turkey with fried sage and pecans. And if you have any leftovers the next day, turkey legs pair great with mole rojo. Read on for all of those recipes, as well as other turkey recipes we love.

How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey

Cooking a Thanksgiving turkey is tricky at best, so take heed: If you want to bring a bronzed beauty of a bird to the table, arm yourself with this essential intel.

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