Chilled Edamame Soup with Ginger Crème Fraîche

© Cedric Angeles

I often spend my Sundays cooking, so I can have leftovers for lunch and dinner during the week. (Unfortunately, I can't eat out of our fabulous Test Kitchen every day!) But with the weather heating up here on the East Coast, just thinking about spending any time—never mind hours—near my oven was enough to make me melt. Luckily, this weekend was the inaugural “supper swap” between me and two good friends of mine, which meant I only had to cook one meal instead of my usual two or three. In return for my chilled edamame soup (left), ginger-scallion noodles (from the Momofuku cookbook, by F&W Best New Chef 2006 David Chang), and watermelon-strawberry pops, I got two other full meals that I can't wait to try. The first: tabbouleh-stuffed pitas, cold cucumber soup, shrimp salad and plum crumble. The second: tandoori chicken, scallion rice, chilled carrot-yogurt soup and coconut cookies. The hardest part has been choosing what to eat first, and the best part has been giving each other feedback through our e-mail chain.