This Super Bowl Sunday, do your party a favor and make the main attraction a chili bar.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 12, 2017
Fredrika Stjärne

When it comes to game day food, chili checks off all the right boxes. It’s easy to make a lot of ahead of time. It’s ultra-meaty. It can be eaten with a chip. And it’s infinity customizable with toppings like cheese, avocado, bacon crumbles and sour cream. No one is saying you should skip the wings or ditch the dips but this Super Bowl, but you'd be smart to make the centerpiece of the feast a DIY chili bar. Here, the ten best chilis to make and serve with a tableful of toppings.

1. Chicken Chili with Beer and Hominy

This chili recipe is less about beans and more about chicken, beer and hominy simmering in a spicy tomato-based stew.

2. Beef Chili with Beans

Grant Achatz makes his smoky, spicy chili with ancho, pasilla and chipotle powders—plus a homemade blend of seasonings and fresh herbs.

3. Black-Bean Turkey Chili

This healthier take on chili is made with lean ground turkey meat. It’s great with grilled tortillas.

4. Three-Chile Beef Chili

Fredrika Stjärne

With coffee, dark beer, smoky bacon and three kinds of chiles, this is one deep, rich, spicy pot of beef chili.

5. Cumin Chili

You'll get a clear taste of cumin in this great cold-weather chili made with ground beef, beans, and green bell pepper.

6. Pork Cheek and Black-Eyed Pea Chili

© Maura McEvoy

Michael Symon defines himself as a "porketarian," saying he can't get enough of the meat. For his luscious chili, he uses incredibly flavorful and succulent pork cheeks.

7. Blt Chili

Chef Laurent Tourondel uses a cured pork sausage flavored with fennel seed, anise and garlic in this hearty chili.

8. Game-Day Pork and Black Bean Chili

Andrew Zimmern serves this warming chili with bowls of limes, minced chiles, hot sauce, sour cream, sliced avocado, cheddar cheese, corn chips and warm flour tortillas.

9. Julie’s Texas-Style Chili with Beer

A blend of three chiles flavors this bold short-rib chili.

10. Quick Three-Bean Chili

A little bit of bacon instantly adds meatiness and a nice smoky flavor to this chili.