For this Sunday's game, beer is the fan favorite—but what about a glass of wine for a change?
Super Bowl, wine, beer
Credit: © Slawomir Fajer / Getty Images

This Sunday, as pretty much everyone in the U.S. knows, the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will be squaring off in San Francisco. This matchup, like every Super Bowl matchup before it, raises that crucial question: What should you drink during the game?

One possibility is Sonoma County wine. Admittedly it’s a more unlikely choice than, say, a Bud, but given the only wines poured this week at Super Bowl City (pre-Super Bowl fan extravaganza in San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza) were from Sonoma, what the heck. Panthers Pinot? Broncos—well, that one’s tough. To make things easier, just choose one of the wines being poured there, for instance the 2013 MacMurray Estate VIneyards Pinot Noir ($35), the 2013 Balletto Vineyards Russian River Valley Estate Chardonnay ($28), or the 2013 Paul Hobbs CrossBarn Cabernet Sauvignon ($50).

Or, more traditionally, opt for a beer—and team spirit at the same time. Colorado has long been a center for craft brewing, and North Carolina has gone from 26 breweries in 2006 to 132 as of last year. For Broncos fans, top choices include Avery Brewing Co., Left Hand Brewing, New Belgium and Odell Brewing Co. If you’re rooting for the Panthers, check out anything from Fullsteam Brewery, NoDa Brewing Company, The Duck-Rabbit Brewery, Green Man Brewery or Foothills Brewing (all, unfortunately, mostly available only in the South right now).

Now the only question is when to start making those nachos...