Credit: © Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The boozy excitement that surrounds the Super Bowl means all the football fans who have massed into the Bay Area are ready to drink literal tons of beer. But as San Francisco Magazine recently document on Twitter, that extra beer demand may be leading to an increase in flummoxed beer truck drivers getting stuck on the hilly streets of San Francisco.

“Forget the game,” @SanFranMag tweeted yesterday, “San Francisco has already won the Super Bowl of stuck beer trucks.”

Of course, we don’t know whether stranded beer trucks have truly become a more common occurrence during the week leading up to the Super Bowl or whether beer brands are just as likely to take ill-advised routes during other times of the year.

But hey, as a wise man once said, “A precariously balanced beer truck is a precariously balanced beer truck.” That man probably said that over a beer. Probably one that he had no trouble getting because he didn’t say it during Super Bowl week in San Francisco.