Credit: © Centerplate

For most people, simply attending the Super Bowl is enough to make you feel rich and privileged. However, for people at yesterday’s big game looking for a little bit of extra luxury and unnecessary spending, the concessions at Levi’s Stadium had another trick up their sleeve: A $12 sausage topped with flakes of actual gold.

Called the “Big 5-0 Sausage,” the limited-edition brat was supposedly created specifically for Super Bowl 50 courtesy of two chefs, Santana Diaz and Dinari Brown, working with Super Bowl food service provider Centerplate. According to Mashable, the special sausage was built from a blend of 50 ingredients and served with sautéed bell peppers between a poppy seed bun before being topped off with a dusting of real gold.

Digging through, Twitter it appears that indeed a number of people did indulge in the absurd dog. At this point, they’d already thrown down a small fortune to get to the Super Bowl; why not partake in all it has to offer?

A writer at the SF Gate gave it a go—including a video of some perplexed concession workers using a salt-shaker-like container to dole out the tiny scraps of precious metal—before describing the flavor of the flakes as “somewhere between nonexistent and the runaway corner of your burrito wrapper that occasionally sneaks in your mouth.”

Another short video on Twitter shows a writer for SB Nation actually eating the crazy concession. When asked, “Does it taste like gold?” she replies with a head shake of “no” and a grimace. In her write-up of the experience, however, she rates the sausage as “7/10, would eat a gold-covered hot dog again.”

So there you have it. If you were already fretting over not spending thousands of dollars to actually attend Super Bowl 50, add missing the chance to eat a gold-flake-covered Big 5-0 Sausage to your list of big-game regrets. In the words of Payton Manning, maybe you should take some time to reflect and drink a lot of Budweiser.