Don't let celery go to waste!

By F&W Editors
Updated May 26, 2017
Credit: © Ray Hom

A good plate of hot wings always includes a side of celery. Not only does the crunchy vegetable add an eye-catching splash of green to the presentation, but it also helps ease the chicken’s spicy burn and gives you something else to dip into the creamy blue cheese dressing. But let’s be honest, celery is not the main attraction and more often than not, a few spears will be left behind—along with most of a bunch in the fridge. Don’t let it go to waste. Here, delicious ideas for using up leftover celery.

1. Celery Soup with Bacon Croutons

Sautéed celery gives chef Naomi Pomeroy’s elegant soup a surprising amount of flavor.

2. Butter Bean, Tuna and Celery Salad

Big, creamy butter beans take this tuna and celery salad into entrée territory.

3. Cilantro-Celery Juice Punch

This bright green blend gets its zippy, herby taste from an entire bunch of cilantro.

4. Chipotle-Spiced Roasted Potato Salad with Celery & Greek Yogurt

This healthy potato salad substitutes Greek yogurt for the usual mayonnaise.

5. Garden Rickey

This herbal take on a traditional cooler called the Rickey (spirit, lime and seltzer) combines celery and cucumber with aquavit, a clear Scandinavian spirit flavored with caraway and other botanicals.

6. Celery, Fennel and Apple Salad with Pecorino and Walnuts

Blogger Athena Calderone likes to make this salad with sweet-tart Honeycrisp apples, but you can choose the variety you like best.

7. Minty Green Olive-Celery Salsa

This bright, briny salsa is delicious over white fish.

8. Celery Slaw with Edamame


This beautifully green salad is tossed with a simple lemon juice–oil vinaigrette.

9. Winter Chicken Salad with Citrus and Celery

This riff on a Chinese chicken salad calls for blood orange segments in place of mandarin orange.